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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trichy Tours - Uttamarkoil - Tirumandurai - Anbil

15-1-2008 : Post noon
1.Uttamarkoil :(Near Trichy) Also known as Bhikshadanar koil, kadamba kshetram or trimurthi kshetram,this is one of the Divya Desams where Tirumangai Azhwar has sung. There are shrines here to all three trinity of deities - Shiva and his consort Vadivudaiamman, Brahma and his consort Saraswati, Vishnu (Purushottaman) and his consort Poornavalli. Shiva is worshipped in the form of Bhikshatanar. Legend has it that the fifth head of Brahma, which was pulled out by Shiva, stuck to his palms; and it was only after his receiving alms from Mahalakshmi, that it came unstuck. As per another legend Vishnu took the form of a Kadamba tree to which Bhrahma offered worship, offering water from his kamandalam. Another story connected to with this kshetram deals with the dharshan given by Perumal to Janaka Maharaja.
The sanctum of Purushottamar is East facing & Perumal is in sayana thirukolam & Utsavar with Sridevi & Bhudevi. Thayar is Poornavalli. Shiva or Bhikshatanar is West facing & Ambal Soundarya Parvathi is South facing. As you circumambulate you can see shrines for Sandikeswarar,Navagrahas,Dasaratha Lingam,Varadaraja Perumal,Azhwars, Ramanujar, Manavala Mamuni, Natarajar,Vinayakar,Subramaniar,Brahma & Jaya Anjaneya.
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2.Tirumandurai:(Lalgudi road) Located just a few yards from the main road around 5 Kms before Lalgudi. Shiva is called Maanturaiappar or Amravaneswarar and Ambal is Azhagammai or Balambal. It is considered to be the 58th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located north of the river Kaveri. Sambandhar & Arunagirinathar have sung praises.
Legends: Surya, Chandra, Kanvar and Vishnu are said to have worshipped Shiva here. Mrikandu Munivar (father of Markandeya) and a deer worshipped Shiva under a mango tree, and this legend is illustrated in stucco in the temple.
Brahma is said to have brought the Gayatri Nadi at the completion of his worship here.
Indra worshipped Shiva to absolve himself of the sin of having deceived Akalya, the wife of Gowtama Rishi.
The moolavar is East facing while Ambal is south facing. Vinayaka & Baladandapani can be seen standing on either side of Siva shrine. Separate Nandi for Ambal. As you go around prakaram you find Dakshinamurthy on south koshtam, Vishnu on West koshtam, Brahma & Durgai on north koshtam. you also find shrines for Ganapathy, Subramaniar, Gajalakshmi, Sandikeswarar & Navagrahas.
3.Anbil : Tiru Anbil is one of 108 divya desams or celestial abodes of Lord Vishnu and is located 8 Kms from Lalgudi. It is also considered one of the Pancharanga Kshetrams along the course of the Cauvery. Praises were sung by Tirumazhisai Azhwar. Moolavar is Vadivazhagiya Nambi in a reclining posture facing East while the Utsavar is Sundararaja Perumal & Taayaar is Azhagiyavalli.
This divya desam is also known as Premapuri and Triveni. It is known as Triveni as the three rivers Kaveri, Savitri and Phalguni rivers are said to have merged into one and flowing near this divya desam. Savitri and Phalguni are said to be flowing underground. This place is also known as Dakshina gaya. Those who cannot go to Gaya, can perform the sradha for their forefathers here with an equal holy effect.
Legend has it that Brahma and Valmiki worshipped Vishnu here. Legend also has it that Mandookamuni in his state of intense underwater penance failed to pay his respects to the arriving Durvasa muni who cursed him to take up the form of a toad. Upon worshipping Vishnu at this shrine, the sage was relieved of his curse, and hence the name Mandooka pushkarini. Shiva is said to have visited this place on his way to Kandiyur from Uthamar Koil in his search for liberation from Brahma’s curse
History: It is learned from temple inscriptions that Sundara Cholan - the Imperial Chola. monarch offered worship at this shrine, by placing his sword in front of the sanctum, prior to his venturing out on battles. Inscriptions here reveal information on the grants made by this emperor to the temple.
4. Anbil Brahmapureeswarar : or Satyavadiswarar. A Tevara Sthalam. Ambal Soundaranayaki east facing. Sthala Vriksham Banyan. Chandra Tirtham. East facing swayambu lingam & square avudayar. Sthala Vinayakar is also known as chevi saichha vinayakar who slants his head to listen to Sambandhar singing across the Kollidam. Brahma & Vagisha Muni are said to have worshipped here. Parambaka Chola rebuilt this temple. Appar & Sambandhar have sung praises of the Lord.
Koshtams - Dakshinamurthy in south, Vishnu in West. Prakaram - Suryan,Chandran, Saniswarar, Navagrahas, Nalwars on East side. On the West side - Sevi Saitha Vinayakar, Annamalaiyar, Bhikshandanar, Viswanathan & Visalakshi, shanmugha with Valli & Devayani,and Bhairavar South facing in north East corner.


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