Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mariamman - Bangaru Kamakshi - Nisumbasudini

5-3-2008 : (cont'd)
Punnai Nallur :
The Maratta rulers used to worship Mariamman. Once a Maratta ruler went to pilgrimage to Samayapuram Mariamman near Thiruchirappalli. After he returned to Thanjavur, Mariamman appeared on his dream and mentioned that She is residing at the Punnai forest 5 km East of Thanjavur. The King went and saw a white-ant hill (Putru) and started building a temple around it. The Maratta rulers Thulaja, Serfoji also worshipped and constructed the temple. The Great saint Sadhasiva Brammendra swamy shaped the ant hill into the form of Mariamman and also installed a powerful Chakra. For more details log on to :
Bangaru Kamakshi : Bangaru Kamakshi Temple is one of the popular religious sites in Thanjavur. The temple enshrines Goddess Kamakshi Amman as the presiding deity.
The idol of Bangaru Kamakshi is made of pure gold- covered with a 'Gold Kavacham' except the face. The ‘Kavacham’, made with Panchaloha, is removed for eleven days in a year for ‘Abishekam’ which is the main festival in the temple. Panchaloha is an alloy of five metals - gold, silver, copper, brass and iron. It is widely used for making idols and statues The face of the goddess is covered with 'punugu', which is black in color and so the idol looks as though made of stone. It is believed that Bangaru Kamakshi came from Kanchi Kamakshi's third eye.
Vadabhatrakali Temple : This one of the several Devasthanams belonging to the Thanjavur Palace. Located at East Gate, Thanjavur. The Goddess is Nisumbasudani. Saivite Bronze of Nisumbasudani is displayed at Chennai Museum. Height 75cm. 10th Centuary AD. The Goddess is destroying the demon Nisumbha. She is represented in an eight-armed figure. The "Image is portraying considerable vigour"- Raudra-cum-Saumya expression. The Devi's left hand is in Kataka mudra, holding the trident. The other hands hold-cobra, sword, shield, bow, bell, dagger and skull cup. The right ear-ring is a human form, while the left ear carries an owl.


  1. Ramu, am so glad that you went to all these places, and that you are posting about them.

    About Bangaru Kamakshi Temple - Bangaru itself means gold, doesn't it - we learnt that Syama Sastri's family members are the hereditary temple priests, and he also served there.

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