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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thirukandiyur - Tirupazanam

6 Mar'08
Divya Desam :
There are not many temples where the Great Trinity — Lords Narayana , Siva and Brahma — are worshipped in the same premises. In the Chozha country there are two holy places sanctified by Azhwars' hymns where there are temples for all the three Gods — in Uthamarkoil or Bhikshandarkoil, near Srirangam and in Thirukandiyur, near Thanjavur. Both these places are interlinked as Lord Siva was cured of a curse(Brahmahati Dosham) partially when He visited Uttamarkoil and fully when He visited Thirukandiyur. Lord Siva, pleased by the turn of events, built a temple for Lord Narayana and also built a temple for Himself, near it. Brahma was also housed in a separate temple nearby, but the temple got dilapidated in course of time and the idols of Brahma and Saraswati are kept in the Siva Temple. All the three temples are so situated that one can go round them at the same time. The place is known as Kandiyur or Kandana Kshetram as those who visit it and worship Lord Narayana and the Goddess there would be rid of all their sins including Brahmahathi Dosham. It is also known as Pancha Kamala Kshetram.
The temple, situated on a one-acre site between Kudamurutti and Vennar rivers, has two prakarams. It has a three-tier Rajagopuram facing east. After passing through Garudamandapam and Mahamandapam, one can worship Harasapavimochana Perumal in standing posture. The Utsavar is Kamalanathan. The holy water source of Kapala Moksha Pushkarani is on the western side of the temple. Just opposite to it is the Padma Theertham or Mahabali Theertham. There are shrines for Narasimha, Sudarsana, Andal, Azhwars and Desikar in the outer prakaram. The Goddess, Kamalavalli or Kamala Nachiyar, is housed in a separate shrine.
Thevara Sthalam: Sambandhar, Appar & Arunagirimathar have sung hymns here.Lord Siva's temple here is one of the Ashta Veeratta Sthalas and the fifth of the Sapta Sthanams. The Lord is known as Brahma Sirakandeeswarar, Veeratteswarar and Adhi Vilwavananathar. The Goddess is known as Mangala Nayaki. The holy tree is vilvam and the holy water source is Brahma Theertham.
On the 13th, 14th and 15th days of the Tamil month of Masi, the Sun's rays fall on the Sivalingam in the sanctum sanctorum. There are shrines for Bhairavar, Suryan, Vinayaka, Skanda, Ardhanareeswara and Vishnu Durgai. The goddess is housed in a separate shrine facing south. The temple belongs to the Chozha period. The same is the case with the Brahma Temple nearby, which is in a dilapidated condition.
Thirupazhanam: This is one of the Saptasthanams also known as Kadali vanam. Chandran(Moon) worshipped here. Moolavar is Abatsahayar & Ambal Perianayaki. Sthala Vriksham is Kathali Vazhai. Hymns were sung by Appar & Sambandhar. Temple nadai was closed when we visited hence we could not worship the deities. The entrance gopuram looked brightly painted possibly tirupani had been carried out in the recent past.
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