Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flora at The Den

The Large Tamarind Tree which provides shade

The Almond Tree

Leaves of the Ashoka Tree

The Rare African Tree - Only two such trees in Coimbatore, the other being in the Forest Dept. campus

Curly Crotons

Red Bougainvilla

Magenta Bougainvilla

White Bougainvilla

Can you identify this plant ?

Can you identify this?

Money Plant creeping up a tree

Red Ixora in Bloom

The Den Bungalow

Pavazha Malli ( English Name anybody?)

Eacalyptus Tree
To know more about the Den please log onto my earlier blog published in 2007 :


  1. Sir, I also have the same doubts.. good that you've put up here..I'll try finding out :)

  2. Wow... Great house u have... Guess I'll drop in one day there... I really wanna see your home... It's so lovely....

  3. Mitr

    You are welcome to drop by and be our guest for a weekend.

  4. Gorgeous house and gorgeous pictures of lovely flora

  5. Thanks for sharing the link! Such a lovely bungalow, and lovely trees too. Where in Cbe is this?

    By the way, the "ashoka", is actually the "false ashoka" - Polyalthia longifolia. The real Ashoka is Saraca Indica!

    Would that be the spider lily plant, the one with the long green blade-like leaves?

    Pavazhamali is Queen of the Night, Coral Jasmine or Tree of Sorrow. Nyctanthes arbortristis


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