Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kodanad View

1 May 2011: This year May Day fell on a Sunday. We had not gone on a long drive for quite awhile and we took a spot decision to take a day trip to Kothagiri in the Nilgiris. Kothagiri, which is around80 kms. from Coimbatore is a small unpretentious town which has a salubrious climate. It forms a triangle with Ooty and Conoor. Situated at a altitude of 1750 metres it is one of the lesser frequented hill stations. Kothagiri derives its names from the Kota Tribes - who are the traditional artisans who are experts in the art of pottery & terracotta baking.

From Kothagiri we drove 18 Kms to Kodanad - it was a spectacular drive with through well manicured tea gardens. The Kodanad estate measuring around 20 acres is currently owned by J.Jayalalitha the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Here are some of pics taken enroute to & at Kodanad. The four chaps in traditional attire are Irulavar tribals who actually live in the valley deep down. Many of these tribals have taken to snake catching for a living. These four though work on banana plantations.


  1. Very Nice Pics..! Welcome back again after a long gap.

  2. Lovely views :) and welcome back

  3. Namaste....
    Welcome back, its been more than a year......

    ooh i had almost given up and written you off....How have you been? What have you been doing on your time away? How is the family?

    wonderful photographs, i am curious about something. Please do not be offended, but those men in the traditional wear (what appear to be skirts, i don't know the name of it) similar though not as short as the scottish kilt, do the men protect their selves underneath in the event the wrap unravels?

  4. Hi

    i have been busy setting up my own business and establishing the same. Now things are well set & I get a bit of time off & on.I and the family are well & fine.
    Regarding your query the traditional wear it is a typical dress of Indians in South India.They are called mundus or veshtis - people wear them from a very young age. They carry the wraps well - tuck them in at the waist tightly and they do not normally fall. Of course ward robe malfunctions do occur in all types of dresses and you really cannot protect yourself from such contingencies.


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