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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saradambal Temple Coimbatore - Golden Chariot Festival

Navaratri Festival:(Sept'28-Oct'05): During the Navatri Festival the Rathotsavam or Chariot festival happens every evening on all 9 days. The Saradambal Temple in Coimbatore was established under the auspices if the Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri (Karnataka). The Peetham is the first and foremost of the four Peethams established by the renowned 8th century Hindu philosopher & saint Sri Adi Shankara, the principal exponent of Advaita (non-dualism). The Divinity of Knowledge, Goddess Sharada, installed at Sringeri by Sri Adi Shankara, graces the Peetham as the presiding deity.
See pics taken at Coimbatore Saradambal Temple during Navaratri festival :
1.Sri Saradambal in her sanctum sanctorum seated regally in her Golden Throne ( You can see both the Moolavar or fixed idol & the Utsavar festival idol)
2&3.The Golden Chariot in which The Goddess will be taken around
4.The Utsavar Idol being brought out by the temple priests.
5&6.The Goddess seated in her throne in the Golden Chariot
7.The procession begins - the chariot is being pulled by devotees
8.The goddess Queen is being fanned by priests
9.After being taken around the sanctum three times, the goddess returns to her sanctum


  1. such wonderful, inspiration photos! thank you for sharing :))

  2. Indian festivals are wonderful! Great information and great photos too.

  3. That's a very interesting post.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  5. another colorful rite... coimbatore seems another interesting place for a visit.

  6. very interesting esp because of the Sringeri connection.i am from south canara & we often visit sringeri

  7. Thank you. You took me very near to Saradambal Thanks once again

  8. Love looking at photos like this. Your culture really fascinates me. Thank you for your sharing your photos. I learn and discover a lot just by looking at it. Happy weekend!

  9. Beautiful pictures and a simple description. Was an interesting read. ( BTW thanks for visting my blog)

  10. Beautiful pictures. I could visit this temple when I was at CBE in April.

  11. Thanks Mr. Ramakrishnan for visiting my blog.I also blog on temples. Shall come back to read yours. Lot of interesting stuff here. regards

  12. Hello Mr. Ramakrishnan, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your encouraging words of appreciation.
    Loved this post with the pictures.

  13. Wow! the Golden charriot is very grand.

  14. Very beautiful pictures of Golden Chariot festival. Though I have been to Coimbatore several times but never got an opportunity to visit during this festive. Very informative post.

  15. I had never heard of this chariot until now! Beautiful pictures!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting in my blog!

    I have also done some temple posts! Will visit this temple next time when I go to Coimbatore!

  16. Beautiful virtual tour to the temple. Miss coimbatore a lot. Nice to know that you are in coimbatore

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