Monday, March 19, 2012

Chennai Goverment Museum - First Series of Exhibits

1. The grand building which originally housed exhibits in the museum. This building is now structurally unsafe and hence now kept locked.
2.A potter at work
3.Clay Figurines of buffalo, dog & peacock
4. Ancient copper boiler
5.Wooden carvings of dancing goddesses
6.A Victoria or horse drawn carriage from 18th century British India
7.A replica of a bullock cart carrying grains
8. Stone figurines of celestial beings
9. Stone Age tools & implements
10. Painting of a Moghul King
11.Tanjore painting depicting Lord Krishna as an infant
12. Painting of mother & child ( A Raja Ravi Varma painting ??)
13. A Moghul Queen
14. Lady in deep thought ( Another Raja Ravi Varma painting??)
15. A farmer couple - separating the rice from the chaff
16. A Rajput princess ( or perhaps Kamala Nehru??)17. Rajendra Chola bringing Ganga (Ganges) water to Thanjavur - He later built his new capital at Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Some of the photographs may lack sufficient clarity since use of flash was not permitted inside the museum.


  1. very nice photographs...

    and the paintings are RAJA RAVI VARMA's....(if i'm not wrong..)
    a very famous painter from the princely state of Travancore.


  2. Nice pictures! The Victoria horse driven carraige looks new. Very well maintained. The paintings look good.

    Thanks for the virtual tour.

  3. Great pics!! Loved the one portraying Ganges being brought down to earth.

  4. enjoyed this post...the copper boiler brought back memories of my childhood (my grandma had one)

  5. wow wow wow!!! Ram, these works are exquisite!! I've never even seen Indian art painted in that style (#12), I really need to make my way to India soon. Another terrific post, thanks so much for sharing your musings <3

  6. The first photograph of the Victoria Memorial (National Arts Gallery) is superb. I could not get it this way. We could not see the exhibits you have photographed due to lack of time. The copper boiler seems to still in use in some tea shops in the remote part of Kerala.

  7. Wow , lovely set of enlightening pictures ......

  8. I would love to have some Indian art in my home. We'll see.

  9. Lovely Collection Sir


  10. What a beautiful photography...had a nice time viewing all of them ...thanks for sharing!

  11. So many interesting exhibits. I especially like the Potter at Work, clay figurines, Mother and Child and Lady in deep thought paintings. Also the old museum building is beautiful.

  12. Wonderful exhibits and excellent photography!
    The carvings, paintings, figurines, are made with that delicacy and talent that characterize indian people in general, and indian artists in particular. My favorite is the dancing goddess.

  13. I will surely visit it when I go to Chennai. Thanks for these lovely shots!

  14. The building itself looks grand. So I'm not surprised of its displays and artifacts.

  15. Very interesting and beautiful photos!!!
    Many thanks for this photo-tour!!!
    Best regards

  16. Nice exhibition of wonderful arts.... Its good you got the permission to shoot inside a museum... Most of the time it is not allowed and the moments cannot be captured or shared....

  17. What many interesting photos you have provided!Most of them are new for me. The replica of a bullock cart is very beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  18. I love seeing these pics of the museum...precious treasures

  19. remember taking our son to that museum.
    We had a water boiler in our house. We see that in many tea shops these days but smaller variety.

  20. I enjoyed this sequence of shots from the museum very much.

  21. beautiful pics
    lady in deep thought mother son
    all pics are nice

  22. Good collection! Yeah, sometimes the great heritage buildings are closed because they are unsafe! Hope it is being repaired!