Monday, May 21, 2012

Thirupunavasal Temple

 Thirupunavasal Siva Temple is located around 25 Kms from Thiruvadanai. The main presiding deity is Vruddhapureeswarar or Pazhampathinathar and the Ambal is Perianayaki. The Lingam in Tirupunavasal is 9 feet tall (the third tallest lingam in Tamilnadu).The Avudayar is 82.5 feet round. Compare this with  the Lingam in Thanjavur Big Temple which is 12.5 feet tall & the one in Gangaikondacholapuram which is 13.5 feet tall. This temple is one of 275 Thevara sthalams and is also one of the Pandi Padinalu ( 14 Thevara sthalams in Pandinadu)
To perform the Abishekam to Lord Shiva, ladders are formed around the Avudayar to reach the height. The priests stand on the ladder and perform the Abishekam
Legend: Lord Brahma had to lose his position as Creator as he was not able to explain the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. As advised by Mother Parvathi, He came to earth, installed a Shivalingam and worshiped to get back his position. Brahma also created a tank to draw water for the Abishekam of Lord Shiva - it is called Brahma Theertham. Also, as Brahma has four faces, he made four faces in the Lingam too, hence the Lingam came to be known as Chaturmukha Lingam. Chaturmukha means four faces.The age of the temple is estimated to be around 1000-2000 years old.
The Temple Vimanam (Trapezoidal Roof  above main sanctum)
The holy Tree
Another view of the Vimanam
Series of Ganesha idols in stone
Closeup view of Ganesha Idols
Idol of Dakshinamurthy -The Guru or Teacher
Idol of Brahma - The Creator
A Siva Lingam mounted on its Avudayar
The Navagrahas (Nine Planets) which are worshiped


  1. Breathtaking pictures of the Vimanam temple, the holy tree, the stone idols!
    Thanks for sharing these pictures and the interesting legend about Lord Brahma.

  2. Wow, excellent snaps.
    I loved the slight tilt in the first snap.

    How come the Holy Tree diverges right at its base?

    I loved the "clothed" deities... it makes them look more like human beings.

  3. Too good...first time hearing about Charmukha linga...and also why they have kept so many Ganesha Idols?

  4. Wow. Awesome Ganapatis.. Nice shots.

  5. wonderful...............
    thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing such divine pics.


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  7. Interesting legend about Brahma. Never heard of Chaturmukha linga.
    Nice pics.

  8. Interesting legend about Lord Brahma indeed.Nice captures and thanks for sharing!


  9. Beautiful Shots sir !! You photography never fail to amaze me !! I am more inclined towards Temple photos and i really appreciate all of them !! Thanks for coming by Unseen Rajasthan and yes this is my new blog, please keep your eyes over this as well !!

    Take Care

  10. Really lovely. Your photos are fascinating and great captures!

  11. Wow! Thirupunavasal Siva Temple is just stunning, breathtaking.
    Your country always amaze me. I would love to know India.
    Thanks for sharing these great photos and informations.
    Thanks for your visiting and nice comment on my place.
    Have a nice day.

  12. Interesting. Why are the statues draped in fabric?

  13. @Gigihawaii: Regular service is performed on these statues & oil lamps are lit. Since prayers are offered these idols cannot be shown bare -hence they are covered with fabric.

  14. @Ranjana: I too find this very unique seeing so many Ganesha idols

  15. @Anupama:I really do not know. I too am amazed at the shape. I suppose it is a natural formation

  16. the legends are always fascinating and your pictures are wonderful!

  17. Wow that was stunning... Though I am basically from Tamil nadu, not aware of these temples n their Puranas.... Thank you so much for sharing....

  18. My friend Ram,
    When I look at these temples how I wish I was a King (lol). Great pictures as always. We see so much through your beautiful page. Thank you sir!!

  19. What I cannot understand is the fascination behind painting these intricately sculptured Gopurams.
    That ruins the magnificence of rough granite.

  20. @anilkurup: Very true,this is a bad practice in Tamilnadu temples.

  21. Legends to go with such beautiful pictures. Enjoyed it.

  22. my mom mrs rajeshwari born in the place it is is a place same as kasi rameswaram avinashi etc beautiful place

  23. After reading the blog from Mr. Mahesh, I visited the ThiruPunavasal temple on June 10,2015 by 3 hour drive by car from Trichy via Avaduyar Temple and it is amazing to see the temple Gopuramams which are being re-painted for the Kumbhabhishekam set for Sept 3 ,2015. Understood that the live TV relay of the Kumbhbhishekam function has been planned by Sankara TV. Our special thanks and Namaskarams to Smt. Mahalakshmi Maami (+91-9840053289) based in Chenni and organizing the Kumbhabhishekam function and Sri Subbiah Gurukkal (+91-95997135774) for doing the ground work for all the renovations going all over on high priority. R. Lakshmanan Dubai +971-50-4456169.


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