Friday, February 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch, Boise

On the final Sunday before we departed Boise we visited the The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fall Festival. Activities there included pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, Fall festival, train rides, corn maze, haunted corn maze, straw or hay bale maze, child-sized hay bale maze, corn cannon, tractor-pulled hay rides, wagon rides, haunted trail, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area. It was a fabulous day with good sun shine and we all had a really wonderful time. Here are some of the splendid pictures captured there. We were accompanied by a Spanish family. Their son Mattheus is around the same age as Mira and they had a great time together.
Mattheus was angry for some reason and reluctant to go into the Fair.
Mattheus being lovingly persuaded to change his mood & go in and have fun
Mattheus has been successfully persuaded - he agrees to enter jail along with Mira

Caught up in a web !
Mira riding a swinging horse in the OK Corral!
Can you find me ?

Mira & Mattheus having fun in the corn
Hey I am submerged in corn
A nice tent surrounded by pumpkins
A huge dragon - he swallows young children !
Add caption
Amazing and glorious golden corn maze

Following clues provided in the corn maze

The trampoline is real fun - kids & adults alike having an amazing time

Hey I have successfully lassoed the horse with the lariat

A Family portrait. The grandpa is missing !



  1. Having never been in a corn maze before, by way of your pictures I can see what it might be like...amazingly beautiful! So many fun activities for kids, cute moo cow train. :)

  2. nice time to do some country stuff! :)

  3. Superb shots! A learning experience!

  4. I can see from your pictures that the kids had a great time! And the pictures are beautiful.

  5. You have shared sme beautiful pictures which clearly captures some beautiful moments!

  6. Seems like a great place for kids.

  7. The kids had loads of fun. Loved seeing Mira on that animal swing.

  8. This post has FUN written all over it. :)
    This pumpkin patch is better than the one I'd been to. :)

  9. The photos, the setting and location are truly fabulous… Seems Mira enjoys a lot than Matthews. Hope u all had similar fun checking the festival.

  10. Great photos of "The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Fall Festival"!
    Mira and Mattheus sounds had a great time there.
    That huge dragon is just amazing.

  11. blessings and namaste...
    it all looked like fun. beautiful children


  12. This is sooooo tempting. Been avoiding pumpkin patches for long. Gotta go next time. Also, the comment from Anon above, is too obviously spam!!

  13. Wonderful shots. Great place for fun.

  14. Dear Ram! I have been so busy, I hadn't gotten a chance to come visit your awesome blog. Are you in the States again? How is your family? I hope you're doing well :) I love the photo of Mira emerged in the corn, it looks so relaxing!! Makes me want to be a kid again :)) Sending you lots of well wishes & good vibes from New York :)


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