Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amrithakadesar Temple, Tirukkadambur

December 2012: After GKC ( Gangaikondacholapuram) our next stop was Tirukkadambur or Melakadambur around 32 Kms from Chidambaram.This is a Siva Temple and also a Padal Petra Sthalam where Sambandhar & Tirunavukarasar have sung hymns in praise of Lord. The deity goes by the name of Amritakadesar - Devendran or Indra: Lord of the Heavens is believed to have worshipped Siva here to get Amirtham or Celestial Nectar.The sanctum sanctorum of this temple is sculpted to look like a chariot with wheels and horses. This temple constructed during the reign of Cholas by Kulothunga Chola. The temple and the village are well known in Ponniyin Selvan history, as they are over than 1,000 years old.  This Sivalinga is Self-manifested or Swayambhu linga.
 During the 3rd, 4th, 5th day of the Tamil month of Panguni, twelfth month of Tamil Calendar, early during sunrise at 6.15 am, the Sun's rays will fall on Lord Amirthakateshwara Lingam for about fifteen minutes. At that time special pooja's are offered to the Lord. The shrine Goddess Jothiminnammai appears as Kalaimagal in Morning and Thirumagal in Evening and Malaimagal in Night.
Colorful Entrance Gopuram
Niche Sculpture of Patanjali around the Sanctum
A view of the Vimanam above the Sanctum
A niche sculpture of Brahma - The God of creation
A view of the chariot shaped sanctum & vimanam
Temple bells
Niche Sculpture of Goddess Durga
Lord Ganesa
Sage Agastyar


  1. The colors at the temple entrance highlight the amazing details. I also enjoyed seeing the planter in front of the niche of Brahma sculpture and the temple bells.

  2. Welcome back in blogland Ram! These statues here are awesome - i love the Ganesha one especially! Hope you have a lovely rest of the week!

  3. Gorgeous gopuram. So are all the sculptures.

  4. nAMASTE....
    what elaborate works of art these are.....
    thanks for sharing.

    stay blessed.

  5. Beautiful shots of the temple. Sculptural marvel.

  6. I don't know whether it will be possible to visit these places for me ...but thank you so much for sharing about these temples...I love ancient temples...

  7. It looks so grand though your lens.

  8. Gorgeous, Beautiful shots of the temple

    we are professional NRI
    agencies in Toronto

  9. I'm very drawn to the temple bells......
    there's something timeless about them.


  10. i like the color! and love the temple bells.

  11. Looks like heaven on Earth !
    Thanks for sharing these images and the information on this temple .


  12. The sculpture work on the temple is beautiful. Such amazing detail!

  13. Ancient temples are always delight to visit!

  14. That’s interesting about the fall of sun rays on specific days. Beautiful photos and impressive details! Liked the chariot shrine.

  15. Beautiful architectures. The gopuram is a stunner! Nice post!



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