Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thittai Gurusthalam

30-8-2013: Vasishteswarawamy Temple at Thittai is an ancient temple near Thanjavur. This is one of the Nava Graha ( Nine Planets) Temples. The presiding deity is a Swayambu Lingam and gets his name because he was worshipped here by Saint Vashishtar.The Goddess is Ulaganayaki or Sugantha Kundalambal.
 A unique feature of this temple is a drop of water falls on the Lingam (Main Diety) exactly every twenty four minutes  from the roof of the Vimanam. Two stones “Suryagaanthakkal”(sun stone) and “Chandragaanthakkal” ( moon stone) are placed at strategic points above the Vimana. These 2 stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into 1 water droplet, performing a natural Abhishegam to the diety, every 24 minute.  Another special here is that the “Guru Bhagavan” has a temple inside this temple itself. This is probably the only temple where Guru Bhagavan has a separate Sanctum and separate Vimana between Vasishteswarar and Loganayaki sanctums.
Maha Kumbhabahishekam of this temple  was held on 15 July 2013.
The Vimanam above the Sanctum Sanctorum - can you see the stone at the base of Kalasam ? This is probably the moon stone.


  1. That’s interesting about the natural droplets! Beautiful photo

  2. I only know I wish I could hear your post read aloud. I tried to read it myself and am sure you would have laughed and laughed at some of my attempted pronunciations.

    1. Ha Ha GA ! Some of the words must be like tongue twisters for you :)

  3. Nice architecture!

  4. How magical, a water droplet so precisely created!

  5. really neat! i like the rounded form of this temple.

  6. Very informative about the temple that has unique features.Thanks

  7. We visited this temple a couple of years ago, and like you were amazed to see the water dropping at regular intervals

  8. I have heard about the Navagraha temples. Planning to visit them sometime. But the unique feature of this temple will remain in my mind. Thanks a lot!


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