Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Temple Elephant

Featured here is a young teenage she elephant clicked at the one of the temples during our recent tour to Tirunelveli.Can you see the baby hair on its fore head? Can you all see the lovely designs painted on the elephants forehead as well as the ears? It is customary for the elephants to wear bells around its neck.The elephant was very well trained.It would bless devotees by placing its trunk on their heads and collect the toll fee and hand the same over to its keeper.The elephant is frequently used in temple festivities.


  1. Admired the photos on the elephants! Like her hair :)

  2. Had seen similar sights in Padmanabhasamy temple in Trivandrum:) Very nice!

  3. Your photographs are beautiful! I love elephants!

    Nowadays they are not allowed to touch the hair on our head, it seems It just lifts its trunk in a blessing symbol. Our hair goes into its trunk and then its mouth, it seems.

  4. I never knew young elephants had hair - and not just hair, but a hairstyle! :)


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