Thursday, January 15, 2015

Amazing Munnar: Spice Garden Visit Part 1

The spice garden offers a variety of spice plants and endless range of exotic plants.The visit was amazing and highly informative.
Entrance and car park
Coffee Plant
Coffee berries-above & below
Coffee plant & berries
Passion Flower
Nutmeg fruit & tree below
The red mace covering the nutmeg
A banyan tree

The ripe cocoa fruit split into two halves
The Cocoa Tree & Fruit - above & below
The Fig Tree - the fig fruit at the base of the tree
Fig Tree canopy


  1. Very interesting pictures. Loved the nutmeg fruit! We had been there and visited tea and pepper plants, not nutmeg trees. Thank you!

  2. the nutmeg is fascinating! well, it's all exotic to me!

  3. Such interesting photographs. I have recently seen a British TV programme about spices, where they grow, and how they are prepared and used. I have never seen many of these fruits growing before. I'd love to visit that garden with you! maybe one day I'll visit India.

  4. Fig grows at the bottom, Sir?

    Fascinating post, I am in awe, such beautiful trees and fruits. Thanks for sharing, Sir.

  5. Namaste.....
    Oh lovely, love the nutmeg and its evolution! fantastic
    thanks for sharing.

  6. The nutmeg and the fig were quite exotic! Just two days back I first time saw the nutmeg on discovery hd in a program called spices and they plucked in was Cambodia.

  7. The NUTMEG - wow! And I like the smell of the cocoa fruit.


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