Monday, July 31, 2017

Betrayal - A Short Story

Once upon a time there was a worm. The worm was weak and ailing and close to breathing its last. The worm approached a respectable dignified and fine looking Race Horse (RH)with a champion blood line & illustrious track record and who had won many races with distinction. The horse was very popular and had many friends. The worm wanted the horse to dump all its friends and associates and become an exclusive friend with it alone. The horse was reluctant and declined.  It knew the worm’s characteristics: short sighted, slimy and somersaulting. But the horse was compassionate and took pity and decided to add the worm to its friends list.
A year went by uneventfully. The worm reappeared after one year stating that with special transfusions it has transformed into a big cat. To prove its point the worm brought along a slew of hired cats.
These new cats were deployed to meet the RH and they convinced  it to be become an exclusive friend. The cats made an passionate plea and the RH fell into the trap. It agreed and removed all others from its friends list. Secretly though the RH maintained contact with all its old friends.
Though the horse was well aware that the worm was capable of somersaults it truly believed that the "cats were really cats". The horse started winning many races and won many trophies & good amount of prize money. The worm regained its health and also became prosperous. It also became greedy.
One day the worm suddenly decided that it had become an elephant and no longer required the friendship of the RH. After lying low for around a week the worm gathered courage sought an appointment and met the horse again and pronounced that “I declare that you are a worm from today. I dont need your friendship anymore"

What do you think the horse should do? What is the moral of the story?

(Adapted from a true story involving human beings)


  1. Interesting story. This reminds me of when my daughter was in 3rd grade and one bossy popular girl demanded that my daughter become her friend exclusively. My daughter declined, and she was fine because she still had friends, albeit not the most popular kids in the class.
    The moral of your story: Stay away from Facebook, especially Facebook snobs? Never be tricked into excluding others for the sake of the one you think is most popular and most powerful. Those things are fleeting, and often the least popular/powerful friend ends up being the most loyal and valuable in the ways that matter.

  2. Namaste and welcome back.
    Many morals though I will choose two
    1.Choose your friends wisely and forsake not for that which unknown
    2. See people for who they truly are and not whom they pretend to be

  3. Nice story!True friends are hard to find.. If you do find keep them for life.But life itself sometimes changes everything. Strangers come into your life as you relocate and move on and interactions with friends gets reduced to fb and email.That is also part of life..

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  5. I don't know about worms and horses, but when it comes to us, humans, we get tricked by appearances and words - and seldom learn from experience.So, we end up loosing our dignity and our real friends. Sad.

  6. Interesting story. I agree with Duta's comment above. Welcome back.

  7. I think horse should not waste its time on worm. not worth .

  8. Welcome back! I am glad you update.
    Thanks for your visit and nice comment on my post.

    Interesting story! Choose your friends wisely, for sure.

  9. Glad to see you here! Yes we humans look at the physical too much....let's hope these dont


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