Wednesday, December 4, 2019


There were two important events the Patna Xaverian's 65 batch planned to participate.The first was the wedding of the very charming and beautiful Pranati & extremely handsome and dashing Petar at Jamshedpur's famous Telco Club. Pranati is the daughter of Pradeep and Poonam Mahtha and Petar hails from  Bulgaria. Both are highly qualified and currently based in Europe. The wedding ceremony comprised four parts ie. Reception cum engagement, Sangeeth, Mehendi & finally the wedding. A quintessential North Indian wedding - a three day ostentatious affair conducted in a grandiose manner. The proceedings actually commenced on 26 November with a reception cum engagement at the sprawling and well illuminated lawns of the Telco Club creating a mesmerizing and magical ambiance & electric atmosphere. The ceremonies culminated with the tying of the mangalsutra and sath pheras on 28th late night.
A cornucopia of pictures from the wedding forwarded by friends as well as a few candid ones shared by Pradeep are posted below. An Indo Bulgarian wedding, a celebration of widely contrasting religions,cultures, habits and cuisines. Xaverians and their spouses were accommodated at the very elite Beldih Club. From the pictures it is evident that every one had a wonderful time, there was great revelry and much fun and entertainment. And of course a range of  delicious cuisine to excite the taste buds of the connoisseurs.
We Xavierians wish the couple a wonderful,exciting & blissful life journey together.


  1. It is remarkable that even after five decades the Xaverians of 1965 batch still remain in touch and participated in a wedding function in one of their family at Ranchi. . North Indian weddings are generally known for their pomp and show. The nice pictures are testimony to that.Obviously you were wielding the camera as I could not see you in any picture


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