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Tirumarugal - Tiruchankattangudi

8 March'2008:
Tirumarugal: This is a Tevara sthalam is one of the 78 maadakkovils ( it is impossible for an elephant to come near the Sivalingam) built at an elevation by Ko Chenkann Cholan, known by the name Manikkagiri. It is considered to be the 80th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri.
The preding deity is Shiva also known as Manikkavannar, Ratnagireeswarar and the Ambal is Vanduvaarkuzhaliammai, Amotalanayaki. Sthal Vriksham is Vaazhai , the Theertham is Siva Ganga & hymns have been sung by Sambandar, Appar.
Legend has it that Lakshmi got reunited with Vishnu upon worshipping Shiva, hence the name Tirumarugal.The name marugal also comes from the stala vruksham - Vaazhai. Vinayakar here is known by the name Visham Theertha Vinayakar.
According to the legend, when Sambandar visited this temple, he found a young woman crying in front of the temple. When Sambandar went near her to know the reason for her crying, he found a young man lying dead. He came to know from the woman that she and the young man had decided to marry against the wishes of their parents and came to the temple to marry in front of Lord Shiva and spent the previous night inside th e temple. But unfortunately before they could get married, the bridegroom died due to a snake bite. Deeply hurt by the pathetic condition of the young woman, Sambandar composed a Pathigam to Lord Shiva.To the surpirse and joy of all, the dead young man awakened. The couple got married at this this place with god Shiva as a witness.
The Temple: The entrance to this temple with 2 prakarams is crowned with a 5 tiered Rajagopuram.The tank in front of the temple is known as Lakshmi Theertham. The madakkoyil is reached through a flight of stairs on the side. Murals depicting legends associated with this temple are seen in the Amman shrine. One of the tanks here is named Seerala Theertham, after the son of Siruthonda Nayanar.
Tiruchankattankudi : The presiding deity is Shiva also known as Uttarapathiyar, Ganapateeswarar and Ambal is Tirugukuzhal Nayaki. Theertham: Surya Theertham & hymns were sung by : Sambandar, Appar.
This Shivastalam is located near Tirupugalur and the Vaishnava Divya Desam Tirukkannapuram and is also known as Ganapateeswaram. There are several features of interest and several colorful legends here. Shiva's dance here is referred to as Ubayapaadanarthanam. Sirutonda Nayanar is associated with this shrine. It is considered to be the 79th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri.
Tiruchenkaattankudi is the site of one of the nine Nava - tandavams of Shiva Tiruvalangadu-Oordvatandavam, Kailasam-Veda Tandavam, Tiruvenkadu-Rahasyatandavam, Chidambaram-Ananda Tandavam, Madurai-Kaal Maari Aadiyadu, Kumbhakonam-Aadalvallar Tandavam, Vazhuvur-Dharukavana Tandavam, Atikai - Tripura Tandavam, and Tiruchenkaattankudi - Ubayapaadanartanam.
Legends: Ganapati is said to have prayed to Shiva here to seek atonement for the sin of having killed Gajamukhasuran, hence the name Ganapateeswaram. The demon's blood flowed to create the reddened land, Chenkaadu. Shiva Bhairava is said to have killed Raktabheejan & other demons here.
A five tiered rajaopuram adorns the entrance. The Vaataapi Ganapati temple (in commemoration of the expedition to Vaaataapi the Chalukyan capital) was raised by Sirutonda Nayanar and the then Pallava Emperor. Utharapateeswarar represents the Bhikshandakar manifestation of Shiva. There is an image of Vinayaka with a human face here in this temple.
This Shivastalam is known primarily for the manifestation of Shiva as Chandrasekharar. There are 3 different shrines referred to as Vardhamaneswaram, Bhuteswaram, Bhavishyeswaram. Tiruppugalur is considered to be the 74th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri .
The presiding deity is Shiva also known as Konappiraan, Agneeswarar & Ambal is Karuntaazhkuzhali, Chootikambal. Vriksham: Vanni Tree & Theertham: Agni Theertham Patikam : Sambandar, Appar, Sundarar.
Appar is said to have spent his last years here, dedicating his life to the upkeep of this temple, and the Appar Peruvizha which lasts for a period of 10 days, celebrates these events. Shiva is also said to have blessed Sundarar with material wealth to enable him to conduct the Pankuni Uthiram festival at Tiruvarur.
Legends: Agni is said to have worshipped Shiva here; and was blessed with a vision of Chandrasekharar. The demon Banasuran is said to have attempted to carry away the Shivalingam from here. Shiva is said to have blessed Bhumidevi & Satyashada rishi with a vision of the Cosmic Dance.
The Temple: This large temple with a 5 tiered Rajagopuram & 2 prakarams is surrounded by a moat. The 100 pillared hall here deserves mention. Inscriptions from Kulottungan's time are seen here. The festival image that adorns this shrine is an interesting one with 3 feet and seven arms. The 100 pillared hall serves as the Appar Mandapam.
There is a stone image of Chandrasekharar in in a mandapam near the Agni Theertham, The festival image of Chandrasekharar occupies the position reserved for Somaskandar. The image of Agni in front of Chandrasekharar is of great beauty.There are several shrines within this temple and several legends associated with each. Vishnu is believed to have manifested himself as the Vanni maram here.

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