Thursday, September 15, 2011

Madurai - Thiru Appanoor

2 Sep'2011: This temple lies in the shadow of Meenakshi Sunderaswarar temple in Madurai city.. The name 'Aappudaiyaar' comes from the word 'Aappu' - a wedge that was worshipped as a Shivalingam by a Pandya ruler solandhagan because, he cant cross the flooded river vaigai to reach the meenakshi amman temple on the other side. That 'Aappu' is said to have transformed miraculously into a Shivalingam. Shiva is also believed to have miraculously caused sand of the river to turn into rice during the time of an unbearable famine, hence he got the other name Anna Lingeswarar.The temple is initially constructed by the Pandya rulers and further developed by Nayakars.The presiding deity lord shiva is called as Aappudaiyar, Rishabeswarar and the female deity his consort is known as Kuravankamazhum Kuzhalammai, Sugandha Kudalambal. A shrine to Subramanyar is situated between the shrines of Siva and Ambal. Thus the temple is said to be in Somaskanda type.
We found some fascinating sculptures on pillars located outside the Natarajar-Sivakami mandapam. These are presented below:

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  1. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely reading about the temple.


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