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Monday, September 19, 2011

Madurai - Thirumogur

2 Sep'2011: This temple is around 8 Kms from Madurai. The temple has sanctums for: Kalamegha Perumal(presiding deity) , His consort Mohanavalli thayar (Meghavalli, Moghurvalli), Aandal, Garuda, Krishna, Alwars & Hanuman. The pushkarni is called Ksheerapthi Pushkarni while the vimanam is Ketaki vimanam. This temple is among one of the Pandiyanaatu Divya desams of Sri Vaishnavas. The Moolavar is Kal
aamegha Perumal in nindra thirukolam or standing posture. The Utsavar is Thirumogur Aapthan.The specialty of the temple is the presence of Chakratalwar with 16 hands and each hand holding a different weapon. There is Lord Narasimha behind Chakratalwar with shanku chakra.
This temple is also known as Mohanakshetram. It got its name as Moghur due to the Mohini avatharam taken by Lord Vishnu to ensure that the devas got the amrutham ( that came out of the churning of the ocean) rather than the asuras so that the devas get back the lost power. It is believed that a drop of amrutham fell into the temple tank.
After visit to temple it was nearing 1.00 O'clock - hence we returned to Madurai city for lunch. We went to Shri Ram mess (located in Kaka Thoppu Street near the Meenakshi Temple) for a nice South Indian meal served on plaintain leaf. It was fairly sumptuous. The rasam was piping hot with superb flavor.Here are some photos of the temple & the mess:
1.The temple outer prakaram with the entrance gopurams in backdrop.
2.The Temple Vimanam
3.Ksheerapthi Pushkarni
4.Lunch South style
5.Excellent service

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