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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vijaya Health Center Chennai

My dad,aged 96 years, fell down in the bathroom and suffered a fracture in the hip bone about a month ago. He underwent a surgical procedure called hemiarthroplasty - ie.replacement of the ball in the femur with an alloy metal ball. This was done at the Vijaya Health Center Vadapalani. The surgery was carried out at the Vijaya Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics( a part of Vijaya Health Center) headed by Dr.Rajasekhara Reddy, Director of the Institute. Dr.Reddy is a short,stocky,simple looking man with tremendous surgical experience and impeccable manners. I flew down from Coimbatore to Chennai to be with my dad during the surgery and the post operative recovery. I ended up spending nearly a week in the Hospital Campus. As usual I could not resist taking my camera around and snapping up a few shots.
1.B.Nagi Reddy Memorial
2.Statue of B.Nagi Reddy who founded the Vijaya Group of Hospitals in 1972. This includes Vijaya Hospital, Vijaya Heart Foundation & Vijaya Health Center. Nagi Reddy was a well known Tamil & Telugu film producer during the 40-50's. The premises where he founded the Hospital was earlier a famous film studio - The Vijaya Vauhini Studios.
3.Close up of the beautiful sunflowers flanking Mr.Nagi Reddy's statue
3. A Standard Herald Car displayed in the Memorial - A Vintage car which was manufactured during the 60-70's by Standard Motors near Chennai in collaboration with a British Company. The company has since wound up.
5.A beautiful vase displayed in the memorial
6.Sign Boards in the Hospital Campus
7.The Reception Center
8.The CT Scan Center
9.The Building housing the Vijaya Institute of Trauma & Othopaedics
10. Another campus building
11.The Nephrology Center
12.Close up of the landscaping
13.The 24x7 Pharmacy
14. Out patient department
15. Temple of Ganesha - where prayers are offerred
16.Statue of Dhanwantari - God of Good Health
17.Lovely pink bougainvillea atop the Ganesha Temple
18.Statues of Brahma & Vishnu outside one of the wards
19.Wastage Disposal Bins
20.System of waste disposal explained below
21.Beautiful clock tower welcomes visitors22. Closeup of the clock which a Kerala style tiled roof
23.A nurse dutifully administering a patient ( My Dad !)
24.The Nurses Station - The nurses are always cheerful & smiling.
25.The security guard who stands vigil outside the Intensive Care Unit - he too is ever smiling & obliging & most helpful


  1. I hope your dad has recovered well, it must have been a very anxious time.

  2. That's quite a medical Complex! It makes a good impression with its welcoming clock tower, nice buildings, green landscape. Smiling (of nurses. guards,) is an essential in a place like this.

    Hope yur father's doing well now.

  3. Namaste....
    Wooo...sorry about your papas spill. 95 wow. You are a good son to be there for emotional support and care.

    love the photographs as usual.
    stay blessed.

  4. This is a good hospital. Some of my relatives got treated here.

    Your dad must be well now. Take care.

  5. Looks so serene and peaceful.and beautiful..I wish all the hospitals were like that.whenevr i go to apollo here.its so crowded , teaming with people, queues everywhere, and staff and doctor all so ireverent and inconsiderate.

    wish a fast recover to your father !

  6. I hope your dad recovers well. All the support for an aging dad is much appreciated.
    Thanks for your instructions on how to delete the verification status on my blog.

  7. A true blogger :) !Interesting to see the snaps!

    Hope to see ur dad well soon...

  8. My dear friend
    First, I want to say how regret for the suffering of your father and to wish you a speedy recovery!
    Your photos are wonderful and you show a high level of hospital!
    Best wishes for your Dad!

  9. Wishing your father a speedy recovery! Ruby

  10. Well I wonder if this is in India, or do you have a Vadapalani and a Vijaya Health Centre in the West?

  11. I hope your father will recover soon. Seeing your photo, he is being taken care well by kind nurses.Your all photos are interesting and beautiful.Especially I like the last one!

  12. Hope your dad gets well soon,v beautiful shots of the hospital.

  13. All the photographs of the campus look beautiful. Must be a very spacious and artistically landscaped place. I have seen a similar looking clock tower elsewhere, in Chennai itself.

  14. Thanks everyone for the good wishes for my Dad.He was discharged and brought home but within a few days developed UT Infection & pneumonia.He has been readmitted to Intensive Care Unit at Vijaya Hospital for treatment. His condition appears to be stable.

  15. @P.N.Subramaniam:Yes you are right. There is a similar clock on Marina Beach opposite IG's Office,installed by Simpson & Co some years ago. You can see the same at:

  16. One of the most important feature of a hospital center is its employees, the people who work there. When they aren't as compassionate to the needs of the patient, it makes staying at the hospital miserable. This hospital looks "friendly". I like images of temples - and those "museum" displays. Imagine that!

    I pray that your father recovers fast. It's a major operation after all. :)

  17. I hope he is fine now. Great pics from the place.

  18. i hope your father is doing well. i like the landscaping and pottery at that place, as well as the beautiful roof in that first shot. :)

  19. indeed information !!!

    photos are nice...

    your post will help, the people who suffering from fractures.

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting

  20. I hope your father will recover soon.
    Great shots.
    Take care.

  21. I am so glad you removed word verification which prevented me from commenting. Let's hope this one goes through.

    Sorry to hear your father was readmitted. I hope he recovers soon.

    Take care, both of you!

  22. Ramakrishan Sir, you are tagged here: Please do it when you have got time! We can know more about you! Thank you!

  23. Namaste

    ooohhh I'm sorry to hear about your father, I hope he recovers soon and is as good as new :)) beautiful photos as photos, what a lovely place for care!!

  24. great post with nice captures..
    we admitted our Mil in vijaya hospital for treatment of typhoid last she is in sound health.
    wishing your dad quick recovery & good health..!
    Tasty Appetite

  25. Gosh, what a beautiful hospital! I wish they would look like this here - so much easier to heal and get well surrounded by beauty!

  26. I am sorry to hear that your Dad suffered a fracture in the hip bone. I hope he will be well and at home very soon.

    Beautiful photos of the hospital campus.

    Thanks for your nice visiting and comment on my blog.
    My best wishes.

  27. Wish your dad a speedy recovery!

  28. Best wishes to your father, I hope he makes a full recovery soon.
    The hospital looks very nice...

  29. Interesting to read that you are from Coimbatore, Mr Rmakrishnan - will be coming there next week!!!
    The hospital looks pretty swanky and well-equipped - good to know about such facilities - Does Coimbatore have some good hospitals? We are looking to buy land around coimbatore - karamadai -areas are where we are looking - but our BiG concern is good medical care close at hand -email me back if you can - cheers, priya

  30. This looks like such a serene facility. It's hard to believe it's in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Chennai.

    Hope your dad makes a speedy recovery, Ram.

  31. Oh, that was a hospital?

    I wouldnt have guessed had I seen those photos without the text!!

    I hope Uncle is better now.

  32. Speedy recovery to your father. The shots are amazingly beautiful and the entire campus looks so well maintained..

  33. Really liked the pic of the sunflower. You seem to have a great passion for photography and it shows. Hope your dad has recovered and is feeling better now.

  34. Great pictures, as usual.

    Do visit my blog, an award is waiting for you.

  35. So clean a campus! Beautiful shots. Looks like a dream hospital, so neat.

  36. Hope your dad has recovered completely..nice clicks of the hospital campus..

  37. Hope your father is recovering fast.
    The pics are nice. It doesn't look like a hospital. Have heard about the hospital..

  38. hope your father is doing well now Sir. my best regards to him

    this is such a well-maintained health center. amazing

  39. Great information and brilliant captures as always. ... Hope everything is going well.

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  42. Hi Sir,
    Its very pleasure to read this article. I am working in this hospital for past one year as a staff nurse. hope your dad s fine.. Thanks for sharing....

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  46. Hi,

    My dad is suppose to undergo hip replacement surgery and we are planning to do that at vijaya hospital, Chennai.

    Since your dad had already been got operated for the same problem in this hospital. I would like you to suggest is it best option to go with this hospital or any other better option is available.His age is 58.

    Kindly reply me at with your comments and share your experience @ vijaya hospital and about your dad's health after the surgery.

    Expecting for your reply at the earliest.


  47. I am afraid I can´t see the film .Has it been posted yet? I have no problem with the activities.

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  48. If you are working with Dr C Raja Shekar Reddy for your surgeries, make sure you know the price ( exact price ) you are paying to avoid surprises.

    Regarding the staff there in Vijaya Health Centre they expect tips and be courteous as they are being paid less.

    1. Dr C Raja Shekar Reddy - dictates the price of all surgeries. Very person centric Department of Orthopedic dept in Vijaya Health Centre.

      I believe he has taken the ortho dept in Vijaya Health Centre for Contact.