Friday, July 13, 2012

Padbhanabhapuram Palace -Part 2

Padmanabhapuram was the old capital of the princely state of Travancore in India. The Travancore King   Rama Varma shifted the capital in 1795 from Padmanabhapuram to Thiruvananthapuram. The woodwork in this palace is intricate. Padmanabhapuram palace covers an area of around 7 acres. The complex          consists of individual structures linked by a maze of corridors, colonnades, verandahs, courts and                constructed of teak wood and granite and stands within the massive stone walls of 30 ft which kept Tipu     Sultan at bay in the 18th century. Exquisite wall paintings, fascinating traditional Kerala architecture, floors finished to a high polish with a special compound of crushed shells, coconuts, egg-white and juices of local plants; sunny courtyards with carvings and sculptures are some of the outstanding features of this sprawling palace housed within fortified walls. Here are some more fabulous pics taken during my visit. In case you    have missed the previous post on this magnificent palace you can view it here:                                  
Secret door leading to basement hideout/escape route
Wooden lattice work for closed balcony
Closeup of mirror & swing in Queen's dressing room
The Queens dressing room - see the swing & large mirror at back
The Queen's Cot
The King's Cot  made with about 64 medicinal woods

Closeup Views of the magnificent Palace  - Above and Below
Intricately single wood pillar made of Jackfruit Tree
Traditional wooden door
Cool covered balcony with intricate designs
Enclosed balcony viewed from outside
A long ornamented & shaded corridor
A view of the ceiling
Steps leading to an inner room


  1. The wood in this palace looks amazing.I wonder if the many medicinal woods did indeed keep the king in perfect health?

    Have good weekend,

  2. Beautiful photos. I've been there about 4 yrs back before my blogging started! :)
    My dad had taken a shot of me peeping from the first floor's window! :)
    My Travelogue

  3. the woodwork is incredible! the swing is interesting.

  4. Thank you so much...
    My 25th wedding anniversary was July 11, but I'm celebrating until now...LOL....
    Don't be puzzled...My name , in English the Queen...So I wish...Hahaha

    Thank You once again...
    Your words are an honor to us.

  5. I love that "kings cot"...more than the Queen's! And that wood pillar!!! That is ART!!!
    magnificent post Ram, my friend, and can learn a lot in here!
    I just cant take my eyes way from the details of that pillar!!! stunning!

    Thank You...

  6. sheer beauty.........
    fell in love with the kings cot and the single wood pillar made of Jackfruit Tree is amazing!!!

    i've seen the temple but don't remember visiting this palace..

  7. @Anuji: The temple is in Trivandrum whereas the palace is 65 Kms away at Padmanabhapuram on the Nagercoil road !

  8. Thank you for transporting me to another era, thousands of miles away! Kerala is one of my favorite states in India and now, this gives me more reasons to go there again :)

  9. Superb post.. I visited this place long back and authored a post as well here

  10. RAM!!! Your photo taking skills are getting better and better!! The second photo (woodwork with the light coming through) is amazing, I could totally see it printed large, hanging in some fancy home decor :)) Love this post!!

  11. Beautiful pics ...The woodwork is amazing ....quite surprised to know that it was made from jackfruit tree ...!!
    thanks .

  12. Awesome photos and fascinating and great post! That king's cot is so ornate. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing; I love your posts!

  13. Fascinating and Magnificent!
    Excellent compositions!

  14. How grand, yet so simple when compared with the ones in Jodhpur, Jaipur and others.

  15. EAch and every picture has captured the richness of the palace. Lovely. Thank you, Rakakrishnan Sir!

  16. Amazing and interesting photos and information! Especially the King's cot made of 64 medicinal woods is really wonderful!

  17. Magnificent indeed. I have been there a few times in the past many years. Awe indeed. The intricate works of artisans. What I did notice when inside there was that it was cool and pleasant inside the palace. and no artificial cooling aids.

    But again , I'm worried about the maintenance and the importance authorities give to the upkeep of such magnificent relics of history.

  18. Beautiful palace made in wood, superb.

  19. Beautiful pics and very informative about the woodwork. Place looks lovely.

  20. RR, The Palace Tour is a visual treat for the senses! Amazing Work of art in wood first and photography... Thanks.

  21. Well, I would like this place as I love wood and marble. It looks massive and I'd guess you could get lost in there if you weren't careful. Beautiful photos!

  22. I'm amazed by the fine workmanship in this palace that looks in great shape after more than 2 centuries. Interesting that the king's bed is made from medicinal woods. Great photos that brings us right to the scene.

  23. My goodness! What beautiful and intricate woodwork! The royal couple certainly lived well, didn't they? I wonder what sorts of meals they enjoyed.

  24. The wood carvings look amazing. I love your last image of the steps leading to an inner room.

  25. Dear Ram,
    How nice it is to see so much beauty through your post. Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures my friend.

  26. Excellent photograph of an excellent palace with excellent woodwork. I was trying to locate the huge dining hall.

  27. The wooden pillars are amazing; their intricate designs, the way the walls were beautifully configured like "pieces" of a puzzle. :)And the view of the roofs... just beautiful.


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