Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

After the tour of the geysers it was almost dark before we left on our final lap for the day - a 2 hour drive to Mammoth Springs Hotel. We reached around 8.30 at night and temperatures continued to below 32 degree F. We checked into a warm & comfortable double bedded log cabin room where five of us stayed. The room was smaller than expectation but sufficient. After freshening up we decided to go to the Dining Hall for dinner. We could hear the moose mating calls resounding from the nearby hills. The hall was full and we had to wait for around 20 mts to get a table. The diners were mostly Americans but there were quite a few Asians too. I could count at least three Indian families including us. We feasted on vegetable soup,bread sticks and pasta and the atmosphere was lively with soft lilting piped music.The young lady who attended to us was very courteous and ever smiling. I understood that she worked the hotel at nights to pay her graduate school expenses.
After a good nights sleep I got up early and walked around with my camera to shoot a few pics. The temperature was close to 15 degree F. Very very cold indeed considering that water freezes at 32 degree F . I could see frost deposits on the sprawling lawns of the resort as also on the windshields of quite a few vehicles. It was quite amazing as I had never such thick deposits of frost before.The surrounding scenery was spectacular & captivating. The sky was bright and clear and the sunrise was sparkling. Some of these shots are shown below: My personal favorites are that of the moose which made an unexpected appearance near the grocery store and created a flutter.
Welcome Sign to Hot Springs area
Front View of Hotel Entrance & Lobby
All Ladies Check-in crew
Dining Hall & Lounge
Gas fired Fire Place in the Lobby (The logs are artificial)
Cottages where we spend the night
Shopping Mall across from the Dining Area
Snacks & Beverages Bar
Caught the elusive Magpie
A bold semi domesticated elk that has strayed into the hotel area
Grazing peacefully without Fear unmindful of the people around
Nice view of mountain & cottages snapped from the Terrace Grill Windows
 View of Mammoth Hot Springs from Hotel Area


  1. I hate snow and cold weather! Endured 5 years of that in New York back in the 1970s. Ugh! I wonder what made you decide to travel in October. Nice pictures, though, Ram.

  2. Lovely pictures and the place looks good through your lens.

  3. In the midst of the harsh weather, the place of stay looks full of warmth and very inviting. With such beautiful scenery outside, the tour must have been lovely.

  4. What a glorious place! I love these photos, makes me feel like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. You are still continuing!
    Indeed the Moose is a beast that is different especially the male.. I found them a cousin of our Sambar deer.

  6. Such a beautiful place to stay. Do you have cheap hotel rooms offers?

  7. Nice views . Should have been really enjoyable stay .

  8. This definitely is a great place. Wonderful shots.

  9. Nice stop on your visit, and especially the Elk, fantastic.

  10. What an experience, great sights! Love the elk!

  11. What a great place! But 15 degrees is really cold. You're lucky your camera didn't freeze solid!

    Thanks for these beautiful photos. Love that blue sky!

  12. Great pictures of a very interesting place! Thanks for sharing.

  13. What gorgeous pictures!!! Sure is one memorable tour.. :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  14. Looks to be a great hotel in a beautiful place.... Thanks for sharing.....


  15. That sounds very cold but glad u could manage to shot these beautiful images bearing the cold. Thanks for taking around this splendid cottage and views are amazing!


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