Friday, December 28, 2012

Mammoth to W.Yellowstone

After Mammoth Hot Springs we headed towards West Yellowstone where we planned our night halt on day 3 of our tour. It was late afternoon and we saw more amazing sights and spectacular views en-route.Some of these incredible pics can be seen above & below. I have also posted a video of a wayside geyser spouting steam and resulting ice crystals formed due to sudden cooling.
Doesn't this rock formation resemble a huge mammoth with long years ? Mammoth is a Giant Beast that lived in the Ice Age (now extinct)
Side view of the Mammoth
Pine Forest
We saw this huge bull elk with huge horns hiding in the tall grass - A large crowd was watching this magnificent creature from the road side and clicking away. The elk continued to relax unperturbed
Ice crystal formation in the tree - result of sudden cooling of steam emerging from wayside geyser


  1. It really resembles the huge mammoth! Good captures.

  2. blessings of the season and happy new year....
    that rock is fabulous it looks like a big shaggy dog.

    stay blessed.

  3. I lost words to comment on ur wonderful journey

  4. Breathtaking pics!!! Wonderfully captured natures beauty!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. Wow!! Beautiful shots. The rock formation looks quirky.

  6. That does look like a mammoth and...What a place!!! :)


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