Thursday, September 12, 2013

Travel Photography Contest

Ashok has nominated me to participate in a Travel Photography contest by Rhino Car Hire. I am giving below a pictorial history of transportation - as it evolved in India from traditional, celestial,simple mechanical to the latest state of the art technology driven vehicles. Hope you enjoy this tour… .....All photographs have been drawn from my file photos.Doing this post was a lot of fun.
Transporting Head Loads in Kerala Village
Water Transporting itself by gravity - Athirapally Falls Kerala
Self transport by foot - Athirapally falls
Climbing hill temple by foot - Rockfort Temple Trichy
Celestial transport - Saneeswarar on crow
Temple chariots to transport festival idols - above & below
 Nandi or the bull- Siva's celestial vahana at Big Temple Thanjavur

Horse Transport - above at Marina beach & below at Coimbatore (Mira my grand daughter)
Bullock cart transport - above & below

Elephant Transport - Elephant camp at Mettupalayam
Camel Transport - Chitra Art Gallery Coimbatore
River transportation - By swimming ( River Cauvery) above & by coracles below

Row boats  - Chennai airport above & Thottuva (Kerala) below

Bi cycle transport - This is a foldable cycle at Coimbatore
Victorian Transport - at Chennai Museum
Cycle Rikshas at Marina Beach
Two wheelers - Petrol or battery driven at Coimbatore showroom
Auto Rikshas - Petrol or diesel
Automobiles - Petrol or diesel at Vijaya Hospital Chennai
Luxury Bus at Hyderabad Airport
Battle Tank at Husainsagar in Hyderabad
Toy Train in Coimbatore
Cargo Aircraft at Coimbatore Airport
Electric cart for transporting passengers at Hyderabad airport
Electric winch to take devotees up on Palani hill


  1. Wonderful collection of vahans!!! wish you the best :)

  2. Grand shots!
    All the best for the contest.

  3. quite an impressive collection of transport modes.

    love that temple hill climb!

  4. Brilliant photos. Wish you all the best for the contest, Ramu.

  5. have covered all kinds of transportation ...I had a nice tour ...

  6. Brilliant photo essay. Loved it!

  7. I believe we have the contest winner here! WOW!

  8. Really nice pics, loved them
    If you spare few moments, please visit my new post The Lion’s Fort – Sinhagad Fort

  9. Wow, what a great collection of transportation images! I enjoyed seeing the coracles and my favorite is self transport by foot, love them all though.

  10. A very interesting compilation.......thank you Ram!

    Happy weekend,

  11. ahhaa...wonderful much thought has gone into it! fantastic post RK!

  12. It is a very interesting contest. All of your travel photos must be your treasures as good memories. I remember the twelve,may be you posted last year? It tells lots of stories in the region. I like it the best.

    Have a good day!

  13. Loved your perspective on travels... A unique presentation! I hope it’s difficult to beat you in this contest.

    Enjoyed :)

  14. Wonderful set of images. All the best.

  15. Very nice pictures..... your blog looks nice.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  16. What an interesting post on transportation through history and many time periods!

  17. Captivating sights Rama:) What a great collection of pics:)

  18. Great pic Ram - interesting theme. I find the ones woth the temples on wheels really awesome! HAve a super week!

  19. Hi Ram,

    Lovely pictures and a great post indeed. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I have added your blog too :)


  20. Wonderful set of pictures and a super take on the theme! All the best :)

  21. Wonderful collection of photos. Good luck on the contest. Have a happy day!

  22. Oh your photography is incredible I do think you should win. I love everyone of them. Living in Canada I would never see such beauty in one place.Oh I am so happy you found my blog. Incredible.Thank you. Good luck. B

  23. Hmm...some great pictures there. You do have a good collection of pics.
    All the very best for the contest. :)

  24. Such an enjoyable post -- so many different methods of transportation you've captured in your journeys.

    Thanks so much for your visit and following along. I'm follow you now as well. Have a wonderful day.

  25. Very very interesting list of mode of transport. You have covered everything. I am also asked to do a list by Ashok. Must look for pictures, but it will be difficult for me not to repeat your the pictures in your list!

    A couple of months back I tried to rearrange my blog arrangeents. I lost all the names in the list of people I followed by a mistake. Added one by one later. Now, let me read your old posts which I missed, Ramakrishnan.

  26. your photos are just beautiful and I very much enjoy seeing them. I just today found the way to comment. I was reading on the place where you have google plus and I am not a member of Google Plus so could not comment. thank you for all your comments on my post. I will be back to browse this sight. it is like traveling from my rocking chair.

  27. Your photos are great.. Thank you for visitibg and commenting on my blog

  28. now you can follow me at

  29. Ram, I can't comment on your blog where the video is of your daughter having her hair braided. i am not on Google Plus... it blocks me from commenting. i liked the video.. and these photos here of all the vehicles are really good, so many different types. we have many horse here in Florida. my friend has 9 of her own... but we don't have elephants..

    1. Sandra that video is not posted in my blog but uploaded on to my facebook. I shall now post it on to my blog too !

  30. "I covered south India" Wonderfuls clicks sir.. Happened to get your link from a friend's blog. Anyway so happy to be here. Happy Mahanavami!

  31. Interesting...I enjoyed the episode..!

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