Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Incredible India

Here are some picture clicked during my recent visit to Bihar. I traveled by road from Patna to Vaishali a distance of around 60 Kms. En-route we stopped over at several places including a village hamlet and took some pics:


  1. Nice pictures of happy people/children. The picture where the baby offers food to the sheep is too good! The baby looks so happy!

  2. Splendid captures Ram. Each picture has it's own charm :) I have never been to this part of India and enjoyed viewing it through your post. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. A small boy is feeding a goat. He imitates his brothers,I wonder. They look like taking good care of their little brother. A camel or a elephant are usually walking in the village,I wonder?

    1. Actually the camel & elephant are headed for Sonepur - which holds Asia largest cattle fair every year during November-December. More more details you can log onto: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/​Sonepur_Cattle_​Fair


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