Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thanjavur Palace Art Gallery

  The Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of bronze and stone statues mostly around 9th-12th century AD.The pictures posted here are of the entrance foyer and buildings only. Bronzes statues will be shown in the next post.The Thanjavur Maratha Palace was the official residence of the Bhosle family who ruled over the Thanjavur region from 1674 to 1855. It was originally constructed by the rulers of Thanjavur Nayak Kingdom and after their fall, it served as the official residence of the Thanjavur Marathas. When most of the Thanjavur Maratha kingdom was annexed by the British Empire in 1799, the Thanjavur Marathas continued to hold sway over the palace and the surrounding fort. Serfoji II  (September 24, 1777 – March 7, 1832) was the last ruler of the Marathas of Thanjavur to exercise absolute sovereignty over his dominions.
Entrance Tower to The Art Gallery

Intricate paintings inside the Gallery
Serfoji II - The last of the Thanjavur Maratha Kings
Views from the inside lawns
The Maratha Bell Tower as seen from the inner lawns


  1. Colorful..looking forward to the next set of photos. I am yet to visit this place. I think would do it definitely soon enough..!

  2. very nice :)
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know!

  3. So many vivid colors Ram :) museums and art galleries are my favorite places to go. They hold such treasures! Beautiful pictures :)

  4. never seen a portrait of Serfoji II before

  5. i saw thanjavur temple but not this museum !!
    great pics !!
    thanks sir.


  6. The colours are wonderful and I love the reflection in the windows.

  7. What a valuable collection of pictures! Just fascinating.

  8. What a lovely tour here. I love the architecture and theme.

  9. Great set of pictures - so much colour.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. I love all the colors they used and those windows are spectacular

  11. Didn't get to see this. Looks like a temple by design and color. It's beautiful.

  12. Amazing colors... I read and looked at all the photos from here and thought of what kind of tools were used so long ago and the time spent.... I love history and art.... Michelle


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