Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pullamangai Temple near Kumbakonam

22-1-2014: Pullamangai is located on the outskirts of Pasupathi Koil, Papanasam Taluk, Thanjavore District, Tamilnadu, South India. It is easily accessible by vehicles from Thanjavore and Kumbakonam.
The Chola temple is located on the western corner of the main street here.Going by the inscriptions and other archeological evidences,this temple might have been built during the early years of Chola king Parantaka Choladeva-I (907-953 AD). This is a Thevara sthalam and Saint Gnanasambandar has sung hymns of Lord Siva here.This temple is located in the banks of Kudamuruti River. Since this temple's Sthala Vriksham is “Ala Maram” ( Banyan Tree) hence it is also referred to as “Alandhurai”.Also there is a legend that Parvati is said to have taken the form of a Chakravaha bird and worshiped Shiva here, hence the name Pullamangai.(pulla means bird).
The temple is in a state of complete neglect. There is growth of wild weeds and plants on the precious vimanam which is full of exquisite sculptures.Government needs to take some fast action to prevent further deterioration and restore the temple to good shape. Otherwise this precious and priceless jewel of a temple will be lost soon !(The matter has since been reported to Archeological Survey of India and positive action is expected soon)
Pullamangai -multi armed Durgai also called Mahisasuramardini - holding umbrella-standing on buffalo's head-hands holding Conch-wheel-sword-bow-mace-trident-shield-ankusham
Pullamangai vimanam- poorly maintained - see the growth of wild grass & plants above & below

Exquisite sculptures - an artists delight. The Ganesha is amazingly beautiful
Beautiful niche image of Lingodbhavar
Exquisite Bas Reliefs on stone
Teen Devian emerging after an exhilarating visit to Pullamangai Temple


  1. beautiful.......
    all the pics....specially deviyan :-)



  2. Sculptures are beautiful.
    I wish we would have learned to preserve our treasures instead of waiting for authorities and Government.

  3. Beautiful temple..Well covered Ramanathan..! Sad to know its plight..!

  4. While I understand that the architectural heritage needs to be protected.there is something beautiful about ruins too.

  5. visited the temple in Navombar 2019


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