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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Independence Day - 15 August 2014

My wife and I celebrated Independence Day by participating in the Flag Hoisting ceremony at Corporation School, Masakalipalayam,Coimbatore.This is a Government School and education is free - no fee, free books & stationary and free mid-day meals. The children who attend this school come from poor families - children of daily wage labor or construction site workers.
We witnessed flag hoisting by the Chief Guest followed by various programs by the children like speeches and poems on National Integration, singing and dancing, fancy dress competitions etc.Winners of the various competitions like chess, drawing & games ( conducted during the run up to Independence Day) were given prizes. The teachers and staff were also honored with gifts. Some of the prizes were sponsored by us. It was wonderful to participate and witness the joy and happiness on the children's faces. The function concluded by the singing of the National Anthem - Jana Gana Mana !
The Headmistress was delighted by our voluntary participation and our gesture to support the school activity. We have now decided to periodically visit the school and provide support in various forms - scholarships to bright students, free tuition & coaching for weak students, encourage more sports activity like badminton & carroms, provide financial help to students who wish to pursue college education etc.


  1. how wonderful! glad that these children have education opportunities for them.

  2. The children look like they're enjoying the celebration. They seem to appreciate their opportunity to attend and learn.

  3. Namaste....
    very nice
    God's children are beautiful.
    stay blessed.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. The kids look so enthusiastic!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I miss celebrating Independence day in India.

  6. The school looks so neat and clean. The children look very happy. They will shine well in the future, thanks to your support, Ramakrishnan.

  7. Wow! That’s great attitude and i quite appreciate your tendency towards the need. Would be glad if u continue visiting and encouraging kids like you vowed :) beautiful photos from the event, took me back to my I ‘day celebrations at school. I was once participated in villu paattu, wearing dothi.