Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kodunthirapalli Agraharam during Navaratri

During Navaratri Celebrations we visited Kodunthirapalli Agraharam in near Pallakad. The Agraharam is a small cluster of houses where primarily Brahmins reside.There was a Peria Gramam (big village) and a Chinna Gramam (small village) adjacent to each other.The ancestors of the Kodunthirapully Agraharam believed to be had migrated from a village Anbil situated nearby Srirangam in Trichy district and settled down here about in 750 years back. The Agraharam was beautifully festooned and reflected a festive and friendly atmosphere. We saw a caparisoned elephant and a pandi melam performance was in progress with traditional musical instruments.If you wish to listen to the Pandi Melam you can log onto: We also witnessed elephant feeding at the end of the performance.
We also visited the temples here and worshiped the deities.We had sumptuous traditional Kerala Sadya (feast) served on banana leaf which we had to eat squatting on the floor. It was a day well spent.
Caparisoned Elephant
Elephant Feeding
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Pandi Melam Performance
The Agraharam festooned with colored paper
A Kathakali Pose


  1. What interesting instruments in the six! It is for the first time for me to see them.

  2. Colourful festivities! Your feast sounds important part of celebrations.....

    Happy weekend!

  3. Glad you had wonderful feast at the end of festival :) Beautiful photos and I also like the pretty neat agraharam street

  4. You also have many festival in your country. A Kathakali in colorful cloth is interesting. I've never seen her performance.
    Have a nice day!

  5. What fascinating instruments - the horn like instruments, particularly. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your world with us, it's always so enchanting to see your images.

  7. Nice post on Kerala temple! I love read and see pictures on the traditions followed. But, I feel we should leave elephants alone in the wild!

  8. What a festive and colorful ceremony. I like the elephant's adornments.

  9. Love all pictures and Agraharam is really beautifully festooned. Looks you all had a great time in a festive and friendly atmosphere!

  10. Never too late to miss out on good things on your lovely blog, Rama:)

  11. Wonderfully captured. I recollect such a procession that happens almost every night at about 9pm at Mantralayam, Some what similar..Thanks for sharing Ramakrishnanji.

  12. lovely photos and very interesting information


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