Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nobel Peace Prize for Yousufzai Malala - Pakistani Teenager

Did Nobel Awards Committee do the right thing by awarding Nobel Peace Prize to the teenager Yousufzai Malala. No doubt Malala is an incredibly brave Pakistani teenager,is pleasant looking,huge enthusiasm writ all over her baby face,prodigiously talented,intelligent & articulate who speaks her mind loudly and clearly for the cause of young girls in Pakistan and the world over. She has become an overnight sensation & celebrity and is invited by many forums to speak her mind and interviewed by many television channels. She is truly an inspiration to young girls world over. She has has been feted and wined and dined by Presidents and Prime Ministers of several countries.She certainly deserves accolades and many an award. But to be awarded a Nobel Prize ? Has she done enough to deserve this signal honour at this stage and this young age? She is till a young teenage school girl surprisingly mature for her age and has miles to go before she achieves anything substantial. I really cannot see Malala and Mother Theresa on the same pedestal at least not yet.
Looks like the decision to award her a Nobel Peace Prize is more of a diplomatic and political over reach by the Nobel Committee - more of a publicity stunt and a shoddy attempt to shore up their flagging popularity and importance.


  1. I quite agree! No doubt that many use her for their publicity,rather listening to her really.

  2. Females are never too young to begin standing up for women's rights. She has set a great example for girls all over the world and will perhaps give them strength to begin early speaking out. We are never looked on with favor at any age as we attempt to seek equality. She is deserving and in a much different way than Mother Theresa. It is difficult for some to see.

  3. regardless of what folks think, she is poised, well-spoken, brave, has been through so much already. i hope she will flourish and become a great leader for this world.

  4. What matters is potential and intent and who takes the lead in most difficult circumstances:

    Don't go by my age
    But the statement I make
    I am not alone
    The whole world is awake

    Honor me or not
    But forget this not
    I speak not for me
    But half the humanity

    I have not yet done much
    But want to do much more
    A humble beginning is made
    And there is need to do lot more

    I may appear small
    But so are not my tasks
    With potential and intent sharp
    I have set out to make a bigger mark

    The world has seen
    Courage at its peak
    Cowards use bullets
    But they lose everything

    A movement takes shape
    And people are all its face
    What we are set out to do
    That shall be done without fail

    Age matters not but its take
    And the statement it makes
    The world watches in awe
    From where the spring originates!

  5. I agree that this was more a publicity stunt than a prize given for a great contribution. However, I'm happy to see a new role model for young people, and she seems to be a good one.

  6. I am pleased with this decision by the Nobel committee. Malala has become a shining example of what it means to stand up for what is right. The fact that she is so young makes it even more astonishing. She is bound for a great future, and Mother Teresa would have loved her for her strength and humility.

    The Nobel awards are always fraught with political meaning; I don't think that's something that will ever be avoidable. That was the consensus when Obama won a few years ago. The fact that he won (and I LIKE Obama) was a much bigger surprise to me than Malala's shared prize this year.

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  8. THe decision of the committee often has provoked dissent and frown.
    Age need not be a criteria. One single incident, an event can be an epoch and it was in her case; from where this girl moved forward.
    She , her life so far is enough to graphically tell about how Islam and its tribal laws pilloried her and women in her land.
    Her subsequent resurrection and campaign is enough to recommend her for the peace prize.

  9. I agree with your points, SG! Yes, she is inelligent, talks to the point....still her baby face make people to treat her like a baby, which she is!

  10. Now that Malala is a Nobel Laureate at 16 years she can no longer lead a normal care free life.She cannot drop her guard even for a moment.The papparazzi will be for ever tracking her.She will have no private life and will always be under public glare and scrutiny.She will have to choose her words carefully and conduct herself impeccably and immaculately.Hope she can handle these pressures with elan and bloom into an accomplished statesman.Hopefully a future PM of Pakistan and elimination of Taliban, which is one of her dreams.

  11. I agree with you. This is a more of political act.

  12. I differ with you Rama here as age should not be a bar for any feat! This is proving universally as all the big business world over is run by people in early 30s or even younger:) Exceptions will alwys be there!

  13. I agree with you Rama, and in my opinion the Novel comity knows what they are doing.However it was a great decision to encourage people in the world. I really hope she will become a great leader in the next generation.


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