Monday, September 14, 2015


If you can answer this simple maths puzzle you can consider yourself a maths wizard:
Bill takes the underground train to work and uses an escalator at the railway station. If Bill runs up 6 steps of the escalator, then it takes him 82.5 seconds to reach the top of the escalator. If he runs up 14 steps of the escalator, then it takes him only 62.5 seconds to reach the top.

How many seconds would it take Bill to reach the top if he did not run up any steps of the escalator at all?


Sri Dattatreya Anjaneya Temple, Aluva

17 January 2020: Visited the Sri Dattatreya Anjaneya temple in Aluva. There are sanctums for Dattatreya, Karyasiddhi Anjaneyar & Patala...