Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Amazing Powers of Mango Ginger

Raw Mango Ginger
Mango ginger (Curcuma amada Roxb.) is a unique spice having morphological resemblance with ginger but imparts a raw mango flavour. The main use of mango ginger rhizome is in the manufacture of pickles and culinary preparations.In Ayurveda, Mango-ginger is used in treatment of skin itching, wounds, cough, respiratory illness, hiccups, fever, inflammations, ear pain and in vitiation of all tri-dosha. It has also many therapeutic properties and is especially useful in digestive complaints. Its use gives relief in abdominal gas. It promotes appetite and improves digestive strength.
Similar to ginger it is expectorant and gives relief in cold and cough. Its use is also recommended in liver inflammation, joint pain, rheumatism and inflammation due to injuries. The rhizomes are made into paste and applied on sprains, bruise, and skin diseases.
 In arthritis, Mango-ginger is used along with Moringa (Moringa oleifera). For this purpose, 200g bark of Moringa is ground and boiled with water. Due to evaporation of water a paste is prepared which is collected and mixed with 100g Mango-ginger and 100g Maricha powder/ black pepper powder. This paste is applied on the joints.
Today we had mango ginger pickles for lunch and dinner: Preparation: Sliced mango ginger mixed with salt lime & cut green chilli.This makes a simple but awesomely tasty pickle, You can eat with curd rice or with uppuma or even eat raw. Deelliicciioouuss !


  1. Our whole family loves this pickle. Esp. with green pepper. But I didn't know the list of good qualities of this ginger! Thank you!

  2. Hearing it for the first time. It sure is a better substitute for pickle making. More tangy, I guess.

  3. Good to know about this kind of ginger. We too use ginger (the common one used for cooking) for cold and digestion, and mom make decoction and ginger tea.

  4. Mangaa inji!
    Nice to know that is SO medicinal. Looks like a thing to save for those home remedies. And in a pickle form -- sounds just perfect.

  5. Yes Jeevan both types of ginger have effective medicinal properties !

  6. Mango ginger pickles sound very tasty, interesting to learn about the medicinal uses of the rhizomes too!

  7. I am tempted to try this out. Great pic.

  8. How interesting - have never heard of Mango Ginger! Must see, if we can get it here. Am a BIG fan of ginger and dring ginger water every day!

  9. Very useful information! The photo is awsome!
    I'm most interested in the medicinal properties of this spice, of which I haven't heard before.I might try the paste of Moringa and Mango Ginger to be applied on joints. Sounds promising.


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