Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pichavaram Mangroves

After spending a restful night at Cuddalore we left next morning for Chidambaram.Around 10 Kms before Chidambaram we veered to the left and travelled towards the Bay of Benal and reached Pichavaram Mangroves around 11,00 am. The place was looking deserted barring us and a small group of foreign tourists. We decided to take a one hour boat ride to view the mangrove at close quarters, The ride was spell binding and enchanting and we were treated to some of the most spectacular landscape we have ever witnessed.As we traveled through the mangroves we felt a bit eerie as there was complete silence and it was a bit frightening. Mangroves act as storm barriers and protect the coast line from devastation.



  1. Wow!!
    I'm so enchanted by these pictures.
    For a while now, I've been desperate to see Pichavaram. I even planned to go see it last year while I was in Chennai but it didn't work out. :(

    Thank you so so much for the sights from there.

  2. Hopefully you can make it next visit !

  3. Very beautiful capture on the natural resource mangroves! Pichavaram is in my list of travel, although I don’t’ believe I could take boat ride (as I am not sure the boat there could carry me in wheelchair) but I wish to check it sometime. Guess it was much sunny there this time. Gald you enjoy despite the hot weather!


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