Saturday, January 6, 2018

Old Age Home @ Kalady

1 January 2018: We had stayed overnight at the Sharada Kripa Guest House, belonging to the Shringeri Mutt - a beautiful new guest house with all air-conditioned rooms. All rooms are named after holy rivers. Our room was named Narmada.This is adjacent to the old guest house - Shri Shankara Kripa (which was a bit dilapidated earlier but has since been renovated with new tiles & modern bathroom fittings).
We started the New Year by offering prayers & chanting Lalitha Saharsnamam to Adi Sankara & Sri Saradambal at Kalady Shringeri Kshetram.
Next we visited an old age home run by Sri Sankara Santhi Nilayam & Educational Trust. Located on Kalady Mutt Road, this home can accommodate around 50 persons.The old block was constructed many years ago.There is a small temple at the entrance for residents to pray. There is a fixed deposit of Rs.2.50 lacs and thereafter monthly payment of Rs.4200/- ( Boarding-Rs.2700+Maintenance-Rs.1500). They have a kitchen cum dining hall where food is freshly cooked and served. We found the place neat and clean. We also had pongal chutney & coffee and the taste was delicious. A new block is under construction and for this the fixed deposit is Rs.4.50 lacs.
As detailed in my earlier blog post the second floor of the building is dedicated to propagation of the Vedas. There are dedicated class rooms & a huge library having a large collection of books on Vedic Literature.
The Old Age Home at Kalady


  1. You had the wonderful day on the first day of this year! Those statues at Kalady are interesting to see.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Offering prayers and visiting an old age home is a suitable way to start a new year. Glad to hear the old age home is neat and clear both for residents and for visitors.

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