Monday, October 1, 2012

I am in Boise - Idaho

Hi folks
I am in Boise Idaho now and will be here for 4 weeks. Left Chennai in the wee hours (4.15 am) of 27th and after a marathon 30 hours of flying reached Boise on 27th evening around 7.00 pm. Traveled Emirates on Chennai-Dubai-Seattle leg & Alaska Airlines Seattle-Boise. The stretch from Dubai-Seattle was the longest : 15 hrs and 12000 Kms. Luckily had a good seat,could stretch my legs and had no companions next to me.Spent most of the time eating,drinking wine & juices,sleeping,walking the aisle to exercise & watching movies.
Transit time at Dubai was around 2 hrs. Dubai airport is very modern,of contemporary design & monumental in size and there were several travelators to transort you to various terminals . It is like a huge shopping mall and I spent time browsing through the Dubai Duty Free and the various retail outlets and clicking pictures.
From Dubai we flew right up across Europe and over the North Pole and down to Canada and into Seattle. While flying over the N.Pole the sun hovered on the horizon in virtually the same position for several hours. When we flew into Seattle the view of the Pacific Ocean back waters and the Olympic mountain peaks was breath taking.
Compared to Dubai, Seattle Airport was more more modest,less monumental,less impressive but neat & clean and well organized. One had to travel on underground trains to move to various terminals. First I had to collect my checked in baggage since I had to pass through immigration here. This process went smoothely and very few questions were asked. I had to travel in 3 different trains to reach C Terminal from where I had to catch the Alaska Airlines , whose primary hub is in Seattle.
After another transit of around 2 hrs in Seattle I finally boarded a smaller turbo prop aircraft for Boise and finally landed in Boise after a one and half hour flight. Slept right throughout and woke up only when the plane landed with a thud.Here are some pics taken at Dubai,Seattle and Boise airports

Time Keeper at Dubai Airport
Police Airport Buggy
Champagne display at Dubai Duty Free
Two Charming Ladies at the wine shop - Chitra & Tereshkova
Dazzling Swarowski products on display-above & below

Display at Dubai Duty Free
Oasis in the desert country
Charming Korean stewardess at Seattle underground airport transfer train-Korean business man in background

Wajis above and Starbucks at Seattle

Alaska Restaurant above and Anthony's below at Seattle
A genie carrying out maintenance work at Seattle
Alaska Airways which flew us from Seattle to Boise
Landing at Boise
My grand daughter Mira posing in front of her home at Fleetwood CT, Boise


  1. Airports are the same everywhere -- they all want your money! What a cute granddaughter you have! Enjoy your trip to the USA.

  2. In spite of it being very long looks like you still enjoyed your flight!

  3. have a great time...looking forward to more enviable snaps...

  4. Wow, such a great trip! Hope you have a fantastic time - with many more pix!

  5. That was fun seeing your airport pics; although airports have similarities they each have a uniqueness as well. I mean, you would never see a golden camel like that in the Seattle airport! John & I ate at Anthony's last time we traveled through Seattle: fish and chips.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family in Boise! What a nice neighborhood they live in.

  6. you must be exhausted! but that cutie at the end makes it all worth it! :)

  7. Hi,
    Such a great trip!
    Your grand daughter is adorable!
    Green Tomato

  8. Air travel across the continents despite the long hours is one thing I enjoy.You are in a different make believe world till you finally come out of the airport.
    The house in boise with green lawn looks very nice.Have a great time.

  9. Virtually across the world trip! Have a nice time with family and camera.Looking forward to more..

  10. I would think that flying was very good for you. I love all your photos.

  11. The camel and the butterfly wing pendant caught my eye. Have fun visiting family, your granddaughter is cute!

  12. Have a great time! Your grand daughter looks cute! Her home is beautiful!

    I too watch movies continuously while flying!

  13. Interesting mix of shots from your travels. Your granddaughter is adorable.

  14. Oh wow. Sounds like an exciting next few weeks. Have fun and be safe. :)

  15. Hope you have a fantastic the details here of your travels!

  16. Nice pics... your granddaughter is cute!

  17. Have a nice time!
    I too have that camel's photo.

  18. Thats nice. Have a great time.

  19. Finally caught up with your American vacation, arriving at the first post last :p! Your grand-daughter looks delightful - My youngest one is 4 yrs old!

    Loved all the pictures, as always a visual treat - while you explore the country I've lived in for almost 2 decades, I am packing my bags to go to India with a friend (something I have never ever done before) I have planned this extensive South Indian Pligrimage - Hope we are able to see it all! There from Nov -21

    If you folks are heading to DC sometime after that, we cordially invite you to visit us with your wife and family. We are a mere hop skip and jump away as in 2 hrs tops :)



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