Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Salt Lake Utah

After a satisfying lunch of pizza and beer we headed for the Great Salt Lake & Antelope Island. The weather was pleasant and the views of the countryside and mountains were captivating. We were low on gas and we stopped over at a gas station to fill up. In the US you had to self fill gas and pay by credit card. There are no "attendants" at the gas station ! Amazing isn't it ?
After this we took the appropriate exit from the free way to take us to The Great Salt Lake. There was a checkpost and we had to pay a fee for entry and we were given printed pamphlets providing some facts and figures,climate,flora & fauna ec. As we drove on the Lake appeared on either side of the drive way - breathtaking and panoramic. There were a large number of local and migratory birds that could be seen on the lake: either flying,wading or sitting on the waters edge.
Now for some facts: The Great Salt Lake is one of the most asked-about tourist destinations in Utah. A remnant of the massive ancient Lake Bonneville, the lake is now landlocked and its waters are salty. It is the largest lake between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean, and is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere.
At the end of the drive we reached Antelope Island. But first some pictures of our drive into the Salt Lake:
Goods train at the base of the mountain
Can you see the lovely fall colours on the hills ?
Gas is sold around $.3.80/gallon
Panoramic Lake View
The driveway into Salt Lake right upto Antelope Island - do you see a Bison?


  1. Nice post and photos Of the salt lake.

  2. Wow, it looks so vast and wide there at the lake ...lovely pictures! Have a wonderful week RaM!

  3. A nice journey around the place, and yes, I can see the Bison and the Avocets, lovely.

  4. What a magnificent tour! Thank you so much for sharing your great photos.

  5. Lovely photos....beautiful views!

  6. Salt Lake is very salty and it is easy for swimmers to float on the water. Gas in Hawaii averages $4.39/gallon. The stations are self-serve here also.

  7. Interesting post and beautiful shots.

  8. Good pictures and I was so near there last month but I wasn't there!

  9. Gas appears to be much cheaper there. Exceptional pictures.

  10. I'd love to visit this place sometime. :)

    1. Lovely pictures. I'm glad you're getting to see fall colours. This is a great time to visit. :)

  11. Terrific place. Glad to see these shots.


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