Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bodh Gaya

Buddha Gaya is the most holy place on earth for Buddhists all over the world. Buddha was born 563 BC in Nepal - as Siddhartha, he renounced his family at the age of 29 his gaining enlightenment in 534 BC and traveled and meditated in search of truth. After meditating for six years at Urubela (Buddhagaya) in Gaya, he attained Buddhatva or enlightenment.  
Bodh Gaya  is  the most important of the four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha, the other three being at Kushinagar, Lumbini, and Sarnath.
Mahabodhi Temple is a beautiful temple built in the 3rd century at the very spot where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Asoka was an ardent devotee of Buddha and it is he who built this temple in lord's honor. There is a huge and beautiful idol of the Lord inside this shrine.
The Bodhi Tree is the sacred tree under which Lord Buddha meditated and attained nirvana or enlightenment. Pilgrims take back home the leaves of this Bodhi tree as blessings of the lord. It is said that a sapling of the original Bodhi tree was taken from here to Srilanka and the Bodhi tree is still present there.
Mahabodhi temple, one of the world’s holiest Buddhist shrines, is to have its dome inlaid with 300 kilogrammes of gold donated by His Majesty the King.The Mahabodhi temple, built about 1,500 years ago, is a Unesco world heritage site.
Peaceful and serene golden idol of Gautam Buddha at The Mahabodhi Temple

The sacred Mahabodhi Tree under which Buddha received enlightenment
Buddha's sacred foot prints inlaid in stone
Various stupas around the temple - above and below
Ratnaghara - the place of basic contemplation. Lord Buddha spent the fourth week here in meditation reflecting on the Pathana or the casual law
Cankamana (Cloister Walk) - Lord Buddha spent the third week here walking up and down in meditation. on the platform Lotuses indicate the places where the Lords feet were rested while walking
Rajayatana - After enlightenment Lord Buddha spent the seventh week in meditation here.
Mucalinda Lake - The abode of the snake king.Lord Buddha spent the sixth week meditating here. While he was meditating there was severe thunderstorm. To protect him from the violent wind and rain even the wild animals came out to protect him
Animesa Locana - The place of unwinking gazing. After enlightenment Lord Buddha spent the second week in meditation here gazing unwinkingly at the Bodhi Tree
Ajpal Nigrodh Vriksha or Tree.After enlightenment Buddha spent the 5th week in contemplation here.It is at this spot that Buddha told a Brahmin pilgrim that a man becomes a Brahmin not because of his his birth but on account of deeds.


  1. Wonderful picture tour of the Bodh Gaya! The Cloister Walk is beautiful, great to see the temple, decorations and Bodhi Tree.

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  3. Bodh Gaya is indeed a beautiful place .. Serene and calm. I have always wanted to see the sacred tree under which Buddha recieved enlightenment and I'm so glad I could virtually see it today thanks to you Ram :) splendid post.

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  5. I did not know many things about this place earlier. I know whatever I had read in school about Buddha! Great post and greater pictures! Each and every picture tells a story! Thank you very much!

  6. Wow.. Wonderful..I feel like visiting this place.. Well covered Ramakrishnan.

  7. A very informative post embellished with excellent pictures.I marvel at your eye for salient details.Your posts of religious places are treasure to those who were not fortunate to have seen the places.Thanks

  8. Buddha is a truly inspirational figure. You've captured beautifully the colors and mood of this holy place; that first pic is a gorgeous spiral composition. Nice!

  9. Great shots of the wonderful place.

  10. I did not know this info about the holy places....with great photos too

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