Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Someswarar Temple-Kumbakonam

22-1-2014: We got up early showered had coffee and visited the nearby Someswarar Temple. It was so early that even the priest had not arrived and the doors to the main sanctums were locked. While we peeped through the iron bars to get a darshan of the deities the priest arrived and unlocked the doors.
Kumbakonam is a temple town with many Hindu Temples located in and around it. Majority of the temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Someswara Temple is a Shiva Temple around 1000-2000 years old. The Goddess is known as Thenar Mozhial Somasundari.This is a Thevara Sthalam and Saint Tirugnana Sambandar has sung hymns in praise of the Lord here.The Shiva Lingam is Swambhu or self formed.
Temple Legend: Lord Brahma was much annoyed when the great flood or Pralayam took place and was in a dilemma as to from where he had to begin creation again.  He surrendered to Lord Shiva for guidance.  Lord Shiva said, “Gather sand from as many holy places as possible and mix it with nectar and make a Mayakumbam-pot.  Fill this pot with nectar and keep the creation seed "Srushti Beeja".  Place a coconut on the pot and decorate with mango leaves.  Cover the pot with threads.  Keep it on an Uri or pot holder so that it does not fall on sides.  This pot would float on the Pralayam or great flood.  I will come there.”
 Kumba the pot fell from the Uri and floated in the pralayam. A Lingam appeared at the place.  Moon(Soma) worshiped the Lord here, hence, Lord is praised as Someswarar.
Someswarar Temple
The SomeswararTemple Tank -Kumbeswarar Temple Gopuram can be seen in the background
Someswara Temple Tank
Mango Tree in Bloom at Someswara Temple- amazing that the mango tree has bloomed in January


  1. i like the photo of the Someswara Temple Tank... beautiful reflections to.. and mango's are my favorite fruit. my grandmother had 3 trees in her yard....

  2. The tank looks clean! Yes, the mango tree is in full bloom!

    The gopuram is beautiful!

    Keep posting more about temples! We have visited only the very famous temples!

  3. Nice temple and tank. Nice to know about the temple.

  4. The number of myths and legends associated with religion is truly amazing!


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