Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Udalayur Agraharam (Village)

On day 3 of our trip we left Thanjavur for Kumbakonam by the 3.30 passenger train. The train was crowded. Though we did not have any reserved seats we managed to edge ourselves into some seating space. The journey lasted around one hour. We were picked up at Kumbakonam by a Toyota Innova and driven to Udayalur Agraharam (village) where we were scheduled to spend the night.at Chandras newly acquired heritage house. It was a beautiful village and simple house with bare essentials. Renovation was under way and many basic facilities had not yet been created. Water had to be drawn from an open well and toilets were outside in the back yard. There were no fans and there were mosquitoes flying around. Since facility was inadequate we did not stay there but went off to Kumbakonam and checked into Hotel Atithi.
Thanjavur Railway Platform & Railway tracks
Agraharam house
The Agraharam Houses - observe the neatness,brightness & cleanliness.
Wooden Pillars and wooden roof beams & rafters
Resting on a wooden cot - tired but happy
Sitting on the porch and cheerfully posing for a picture


  1. That is a wonderful experience. I like the rural feel the pics.

  2. I agree the Village is beautiful and really clean, but like you would want the hotel to stay in... everyone looks so happy
    i like the close up of the roof in the first photo, took true talent to create that. it is beautiful

  3. Am yet to visit any agraharamas and I would love to spend some time in there.

  4. This looks like an interesting trip and a quaint, pretty village.

  5. Πολύ ωραίες φωτογραφίες, με δικό τους χρώμα και πανέμορφους χαμογελαστούς ανθρώπους!

  6. Would love to sit on these steps too - dressed in a sari! Cheers to a lovely day dear Ram!

  7. Very interesting! Must have been a great experience!

  8. i too visited this place and made a blog...so nice ..Thank you so much


  9. The houses in the agraharam and the agraharam itself have their own charm. They kindle nostalgic thoughts of our younger days .
    S.Sridharan Bangalore.

  10. is there any old house in udayalur agraharam for sale. am interested to purchase. please contact with details. radha venkateswaran. mobile No.9442206984


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