Friday, August 28, 2015

Sky and River Watch

On 27th August 2015 we travelled by road from Trichy to Coimbatore. The roads were excellent but mostly single lane except for short stretches of three lane highway.heavy truck traffic impeded our progress. We travelled parallel to the river Cauvery for a considerable distance. There is a point in the river where it is the widest. This point is called the Akhanda Cauvery. Since there has been good rainfall in Karnataka and surplus water has been let out into Tamilnadu Metttur Dam has good storage and hence we could see fair amount of water in the river.
The sky shot was taken nearer to Coimbatore.There was generally bright sunshine and since we were traveling west wards the suns rays were falling directly on my eyes making driving difficult even with the sun visors lowered. We had some relief when the sun briefly went behind some clouds and that's when I clicked the sky.


  1. oh, the sky is gorgeous! glad you've had good rainfall there, too.

  2. Excellent capture with both! Good to see Cauvery in its flow... I think the road u mention passes through mukkombu and on this road one could get interrupted by number of sand lorries.

    1. Yes Jeevan you are right.The sand lorries are a big nuisance !

  3. Beautiful were clouds in the sky and in the distance the sun. Regards.

  4. Both river and sky pictures are stunning!

  5. Fabulous views. I like the cloud formations.

  6. Lovely shots of gorgeous sky and beautiful dam.
    Sriram & Krithiga

  7. It is blinding for me to drive toward the sun! You did get a pretty picture of the sky

  8. Hello!
    It has been too long since I last visited your interesting blog.
    Wow, beautiful sky and gorgeous dam!!
    Have a happy new week.

  9. Wonderful view point. Hope it rains more so that there is no water sharing problem.


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