Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Amaravathy Dam & Reservoir

18 November 2017: The Amaravathi Dam was constructed across theAmaravathi River located around 25 kilometres from Udumalpet in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary,  The associated reservoir is 9.31 square kilometres (3.59 sq mi) in area and 33.53 metres (110.0 ft) deep. The dam was built primarily for irrigation and flood control. It also generates four megawatts of hydel power. It is notable for the significant population of mugger crocodiles living in its reservoir and catchment basin.
We had breakfast at Udumalpet before proceeding to the Dam.We reached the dam site around 11.00 am.It was a sunny day and we could capture some exceptional images. Due to fierce sun shine the coracles or parisals were not operating.Views of the reservoir and adjoining mountain range in the background are spectacular and breathtaking.
View of downstream canal from the Dam

Water sloshing into the downstream canal. This canal was excavated by students from Coimbatore as part of their youth camp activity in 1955
A rhesus monkey in pensive mood sitting atop a lattice wall
Downstream of the dam - Amaravati river
The Amravati Dam

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