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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Castro - The Gay District

As per Bhavana's guidelines got into bus no.24 from Daly City, got down between Mission & 30th Street, transferred to bus no.24 towards Divisadero, went through Noe St & got down at Castro & 17th. Spend about an hour walking along Castro,Market Street, Church Street, into 16th then Dolores & finally back to Castro through Chula & 16th St. A bright & sunny afternoon with a cool accompanying breeze. The "Castro" is a term broadly used to describe the area of San Francisco formerly known as Eureka Valley, and is bordered by Diamond Heights, Noe Valley, the Mission, the Fillmore, and the Haight districts. It has also come to mean more than a locale. Much of the gay and lesbian community of San Francisco lives and works in the Castro. It is known world-wide as the "gay mecca." Home to an ever-changing neighborhood of shops, restaurants, street fairs, and residents, the Castro has continued in its evolution. It is a community and a people rich with history, diversity, tears, and laughter. Castro & Market streets renovated by its affluent, primarily gay residents, is a collection of clothing, gift, and specialty stores interspersed with colorful Victorians, restaurants, and pubs. The Castro Theater, 429 Castro Street, is a great old movie palace that screens classic and art films. The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans -gender Center is located at 1800 Market Street.The Castro is bustling all day long, but at night it really comes alive, as the bars from the Mint to the Midnight Sun fill up and the Castro Theatre's neon marquee lights shine brightly.Though the Castro's nightlife doesn't have as much to offer women as many dykes would like, it remains a fairly safe neighborhood after hours, and there are plenty of places where women, queer or not, can feel at home.

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