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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Universal Studios

25 Nov'06 :
We passed through LA downtown, then drove through Sunset Boulevard & Hollywood boulevard to reach Universal Studios. We could distinctly sight the prominent "HOLLYWOOD" banner atop Hollywood Hill. We went on a studio tour in a trolley bus with a driver cum commentator. It took us through the sets where many famous Hollywood movies & TV shows were made eg. War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park, Spider Man,The Mummy & Psycho. King Kong, Frankenstein, Godzilla, Shark etc accosted & shocked us at different points in the tour. We saw the sets of many famous Western Movies made here. We experienced the effects of an earthquake while travelling in a New York subway. We experienced rains & floods and horrendous car & airplane crashes. Overall an awesome experience.
Universal also offers several rides & shows eg.Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek-4D, Jurassic Park, Fear Factor, Terminator, Waterworld, Back to the Future ride & Special effects. You could also witness performances like Blue Brothers & Lucy a Tribute.
We were back at Viswageethas for the evening coffee & hot phalaphal vadais - delicious stuff. There was a debate on where to go out for dinner-choice was between Mexican,Chinese, Thai, S.Indian & Punjabi cuisines. We finally decided on Vasantha Bhavan for a dinner spread of Idiappam, adirasam, variety of dosas, oothappam, parathas,chapathis, variety of curries(chettinad,thanjavur), range of rice preparations - bisibela bath, sambar bath,curd rice, several types of pickles, & sweet dishes. The choice of venue was based on Geethas rave recommendation. It turned out to be a memorable dinner - the occasion happened to be the birthday of yours truly. A befitting treat indeed.
Early next day we left Orange County for Daly city. Before that we had a photography session. We stopped enroute for lunch at a mid way point & then stopped at Sunnyvale to pick up mouth watering parathas - paneer, alu, gobi & methi. Mira was quite uncomfortable during the return journey and each one of us took turns to sing her favourite song " Old Mac Donald had a Farm"

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