Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fort Funston

As we descended down the hill from Village in the Park we had a clear view of San Francisco & the Pacific Ocean - a clear & sunny day with no signs of fog. From Mission St. we turned into John Daly Boulevard past BART terminus & West Lake Mall right into the coast line. Within a few minutes we were in Fort Funston and into the large parking area at the main entrance. Fort Funston area has developed a huge tradition for dog walking. Dogs are posted on-leash here, but in reality this is not enforced and dogs are off leash everywhere. The beach area is paradise for dogs. On this bright & warm day the beach was swarming with dogs of various breeds (pure & mixed) along with owners to supervise. Battery Davis constructed 1938 is a concrete monstrosity recessed into the dunes to camouflage it against incoming warships which were predicted likely to attack the U.S. mainland from Japan.There are other things that Fort Funston is quite distinct and special for. The handgliders and hang gliders (where one sits under a parachute with arm controls) are a unique culture that has sprung up here. The staging area for the central launch point is at the main parking lot where a plot has been set aside for assembly and disassembly.Handgliders in flight are like prehistoric birds floating luxuriously on the breeze up and down the strip about 200'-400' overhead. We witnessed several jet fighter planes overhead streaking across the sky leaving long smoky trails behind,probably flying training sorties.

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