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Friday, January 5, 2007

Sea World

24 Nov'07 :
We checked out of Holiday Inn early & went to Denny's for B.Fast. Dennys is a large restaurant chain in the US. The place was crowded & we had to wait a while to get a table. We could spot several families of Indian origin. They serve huge breakfasts for reasonable rates. After hungrily tucking into huge stuffed omelletes, pancakes & hash browns and washing these down with orange & pineapple juice we departed towards Marine World.
Being a Black Friday the day after thanksgiving there were huge crowds at Sea World & several queues & long lines of cars. it took us several minutes to get to our parking lot & from there a long walk for entry. One of the first things that we saw was the magnificent Sky Tower which normally offers a 265 ft ride up to get a panoramic view & gorgeous view. Unfortunately the tower was under repair that day. Other rides on offer included Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids and Sea World Sky Ride. We saw Beluga whales, walruses,sealions & polar bears in an Arctic simulated underground enclosure.
Shows : Shamu Show - This inspirational new show reflects the close relationship SeaWorld trainers have with the killer whales, as well as amazes guests with a series of exciting new behaviors. Dolphin Discovery showcases bottlenose dolphins in a splashy, high-energy show with some surprise comic moments. It's a fast-paced show featuring tail-walks, spinning jumps and back-flips. Guests seated in the first 10 rows of Dolphin Stadium are cautioned they may get wet from the 55-degree seawater. Next was Pets Rule - Dogs dance, cats cavort and birds flock. Even a potbellied pig gets into the act. The pet's backyard paradise features trees to climb, a fence to balance on, a pool to cool off in, a dog house & fire hydrants.
Shark Encounter - face-to-face with sharks of all shapes and sizes at the Shark Encounter. This 280,000-gallon attraction features a 57-foot, walk-through acrylic tube running the length of the sharks' habitat. As you travel through the sharks' amazing world, you can view hundreds of fascinating sand tiger, bonnethead, blacktip and whitetip sharks.
It certainly was an exciting day at Sea World.
We left Sea World around 6.00 pm & returned to Orange County for a delicious dinner of Idlis,Rice, Rasam,Melaku Kozhambu at VishwaGeethas.

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