Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carnivale Goa Day 4: Spice Garden Tour

Aarti, Vermillion on forehead & flowers

From Bom Jesus the Mech'71 ers and their charming wives boarded the coach once again and proceeded to the lush green Sahakari Spice farms located in Curti,Ponda for an incredible once in a lifetime tour lasting around two hours & a half. Occupying an enormous area of 130 acres, 60 acres of this area is exclusively devoted to the cultivation of Spices, Fruits, Medicinal trees and Herbs. This Organic Spice Farm is reputed for the various types of Spices grown in a systematic and scientific manner. Some of these spices include: Vanila,nutmeg,cinnamon,cardamom,pepper,cloves,chilli,curry leaves,turmeric & ginger.
We were welcomed into the spice farm by traditional Aarti,Kumkum & a shower of flower petals by dainty young Goan damsels with dazzling smiles.We were then taken to a thatched restaurant, seated in round formation and served refreshing aromatic herbal drinks.
A young attractive girl was appointed to take us on a guided tour of the plantation.She explained the importance and provenance of the spices, their growing procedures and climatic requirements. The spice garden was truly enchanting place and the young energetic guide had everyone transfixed by her deep knowledge and incisive and impressive presentation. After the truly enlightening tour we were back to the starting point.Each one of us had a unique experience of having chilled herbal water being poured down the nape of our neck for a spine tingling sensation - pure ecstasy.Next we were served a largely vegetarian lunch all cooked in typical Konkani style, fish & chicken for the non vegetarians, and seasonal fruits. After lunch visitors are allowed to go on a shopping spree - variety of spices, ointments and oils & handicrafts.
We witnessed a superb tree climbing demo by a young dare devil local and the video clip (courtesy Bhav Dutt) is posted here.


  1. Can you even imagine trying to climb those trees and swing from one to another? Oh what we learn from monkeys! LOL The food looks wonderful and your tour guide has a very striking beauty about her. Everyone seems to be enjoying all that is happening around them.

  2. That's a place where I would sure like to be - an organic spice farm. I'm a great believer in medicinal properties of herbs and spices.

    The young guide is a delight to look at, and probably to listen to. The food served has great variety and color, and I'm sure tastes heavenly.

    It seems like a very enjoyable tour to the whole group.

    1. One could have spent the entire day at this farm but we were constrained for time and had to reach our next destination by 4.00 pm


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