Saturday, February 10, 2018

GTDC Panjim - Casino Night

24 January 2018: After the tour to Spice Farms we boarded the coach again and left for Panaji or Panjim - the capital city of Goa.We checked into GTDC - Panjim a beautiful Goa Tourism Dept.owned property situated on the main road Dayanan Bandodkar Marg on the banks of the Mandovi River. We were all allotted river facing rooms with awesome views of the tranquil deep blue Mandovi River. The rooms are expansive with shining marble floors complete with central air conditioning, comfortable beds and pillows where you want to sink in, a large digital TV screen and a compact sit out where you can enjoy your morning cuppa while watching anchored casino boats, cruise ships & ferry boats and an occasional cargo ship carrying iron ore.
GTDC Panjim has one major drawback though - it has only a single lift at the lobby level with a limited load carrying capacity of 3-4 persons only. As a result when large groups like ours arrive we are constrained to stand in queues & there is a mini stampede outside the lift resulting in inconvenience,irritation,frustration especially for those located in higher floors.
Tonight was the Casino Night and Delton Royale boarding point and ferry was right across the road - Noah's Ark, RND Jetty. Dress code is strict and shorts and track suits are not permitted. Unsuspecting Guvrus unwittingly turned up in his track suit and was refused entry. But he calmly and quite unobtrusively headed back to the hotel to change & return. Our group was booked in a special package of Rs.3500/head and Rs.2500/free gaming coupons. This is a Gamers Paradise.
The Largest & Grandest Casino in India Deltin Royale has plenty of action at the thrilling gaming tables The variety of games, plush lounges, classic cocktails & the right vibes create the ideal setting for big winnings. An array of plush tables with exciting games to flush out your wallets - poker, roulette,baccarat,blackjack,slot machines,money wheel and so on. Most of us lost all our coupons, a few won amounts varying from Rs.1000-2500. Gupta,Gill & Vij were clear winners outclassing all others, winning in excess of Rs.6000-15000. Drinks and cocktails and starters were on the house and you could eat and drink to your hearts content. Dinner service was on the floor below - with a mind blogging array of soups,starters,main courses & sweet dishes apart from chaat & dosa counters and awesome variety of salads finally delicious sweets and ice creams to choose from. While you dine you are entertained by crooners belting out English Hindi & Goan songs.Those who chose to stay back late were fortunate to witness young teenage East European sensations in colorful costumes delightfully shaking and swaying their hips to popular Bollywood numbers.The merriment adventure excitement & entertainment carried on till mid night. It was indeed a night to remember.
This was yet another sponsored night - I believe the chief sponsors were Gill & Pimp. Three cheers and hurray to these two for their graciousness ! Hip Hip Hurray !
I wish to report another significant development - that the Mech'71 ladies bonded so comprehensively that they decided to have their own whatsapp group. Accordingly Mech'71 Spouses group comprising 11 members was formed 22-1-2018 with Lata Sharma being the Chief Architect and Administrator.
A captivating room view
A Casino ship anchored on Mandovi River
A new bridge across Mandovi under construction
Scintillating room views
The Delton Royale Casino
More Casino Ships

The ladies are ready to board the ferry onwards to Delton Royale Casino
Images of Delton Royale at night

Panjim Residency at night
The boys are ready too
An air of exuberant expectation


  1. I live in Oklahoma USA and we are surrounded with casinos. I seldom go but always have a good time when a group gathers. Near us in Missouri there are Casino boats. I have never been to them buy the rest of my family has gone and they sure enjoy. Your group seems to enjoy everything together.

    1. Hope someday I can visit casinos in Oklahama or Missouri.Been to Las Vegas though many years ago but did not attempt gaming.

    2. Annie!
      Get a group together and come to Goa in January. Perfect holiday weather and loads of easily affordable fun and sightseeing ... and the shopping ...and the "shacking" OOF!
      Shorty (one of the members of Ramu's group)

  2. The world of Casino hotels/ships is not one I'm familiar with, but I know it can be great fun.
    Your casino night at Panjim was, apparently, quite a night, and your description of it (inclusive the video clips)is a delight.

    Good Luck to the ladies' What's Up project!

  3. Yes indeed ! It was was fun unlimited 😃


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