Monday, February 12, 2018

Carnivale Goa Day 5 - Sunset Cruise

24 June 2018: A relaxing day at Panjim - a brisk early morning walk on the paved promenade adjoining the Mandovi River was refreshing. Followed by a leisurely lazy and laid back breakfast on
the penultimate day of our Goa Tour. Morning activities included lounging in the rooms, visit to the Mangeshi Temple,exploration of Panjim flea markets for trinkets souvenirs and footwear & visiting friends. We ordered and enjoyed a nice Chinese lunch ordered from room service - hot & sour soup, egg noodles & a manchurian based gravy.
 The gala evening extravaganza was an enchanting cruise on the Mandovi, spectacular views of golden sun gradually descending into the horizon before disappearing into the Arabian sea after throwing up myriad bright hues and creating scintillating mosaics, heady cocktails including Gills special single malt accompanied by Goan cashew in abundance, music,dance,games,entertainment by young energetic Konkani dancers,an MC with tattered jeans, Shorty belting out old nostalgic numbers and aggressive dancing by our entire group.The atmosphere was electric and completely charged and the Mech'71ers and their lovely wives virtually coalesced into a single mass of jiving swaying hip swinging revelers. Even the normally nonchalant and shy among us were also relentlessly drawn into the frenzy and danced away fearlessly with unfettered freedom and fervor. It was a night to remember in our lives and the fun and joy was unlimited.
The Shantha Durga was not the best of vessels for sailing - a little aged, a bit creaky & belching smoke.There were better vessels anchored in the jetty.The dining area below deck was a bit narrow and claustrophobic & the food below par. A request was made to Suraj the slim and sprightly young lady representing Blue Ocean to consider serving dinner on the open deck but she unflinchingly turned down our request quoting safety and food hygiene requirements. But what the heck this didn't dampen our mood and enthusiasm even one bit.
Three cheers to Rajat and Anita who were the sole sponsors for tonight's cruise ! Hip Hip Hurray !


  1. Loved the dancing, the scenery, the shared joy in your group.

  2. I liked watching the dancers in the videos(I think you and your wife were among them).I also enjoyed the video with the performer of the famous song SUMMER WINE in the local language.
    The sunset pictures are mindblowing!

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