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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Arrival at Washington D.C

12 Nov'06 :
My nephew Shriram & his wife Vandana came to NJ to pick us up & we drove to New York in their Volkswagon Beetle.Both of them work in New York but live in Hobokken - shriram is a financial consultant in Standard & Poor and Vandana is a legal expert .The ride took hour & the sky was overcast.We reached New York around 1.00 pm & decided to go for lunch straightaway to an Indian Chinese(Indo Wok) restaurant run by Sri Lankans. The menu - hot & sour soup (2 by 4) rice,noodles,chop suey,some side dishes - a delicious meal overall ! Srongly recommended.Thank you Shriram & Vandana.

By the time we were through with lunch it was nearly 2.45 pm & as we came out a light rain had started.We rapidly walked to the parking lot,got into the car & drove to China Town from where we were taking the 4.00 pm bus to Washington. Meanwhile the rain had intensified. By the time we located our bus,loaded the baggage & got into our seats we were reasonably drenched.Tickets were reasonably priced @ $.20/- per person.
Here is a snap of the four of us outside the restaurant.The ride to Washington took approx.4.5 hours. It rained incessantly right through the journey.Finally reached China Town, Washington D.C at 9.45 pm. Pratibha(a friend from our Hyderabad days)& her husband Vijay received us and took us home to their home in North Potomac in Virginia. Pratibha drives a Honda Odyssey & Vijay a Honda Accord. They have two children - Sheetala(papu) & Priya(Min Min)

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