Saturday, December 9, 2006

Village in the Park

This is the neighbourhood where Rohit, Bhavana & Mira live.Its on a hill,up Crocker Avenue towards the San Bruno National Park. From the top you can get a superb view of San Francisco as well as the Pacific Ocean. The colony comprises a few hundred adorable independent town houses having well furnished interiors- ranging from 2 - 5 bedrooms,drawing & bathrooms. Each apartment is provided with a fridge, dishwasher,carpeting,gas connection,equipped bathrooms,heating system,closed garage,natural lighting,and a good view from from windows. The streets are neatly paved and well lit at nights & good landscaping provided all around. Garbage disposal dumpsters are provided at convenient locations. Paper & plastics are segregated & kept separately for pickup as these are recycled. Landscaping includes a abundant lawns,trees,shrubbery,a waterfall & a pond. The Village also has a heated swimming pool & jacuzzi.

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