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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Muir Woods-19 Nov'06

Muir Woods National Park 12 miles north of Golden Gate Bridge is reached by US 101 & Calif.1. Coast Redwoods dominate this cool moist forest and includes several trees more than 600 yrs old. This forest protects a variety of plant & animal life. The redwood canopy supports redwood sorrel, sword ferns, mosses, bay laurels & big leaf maples. Large Douglas firs challenge the redwoods in height. Delicate wildflowers like trillium, clintonia, redwood violet grace the forest floor.The forest supports many birds & animals like owls, bats,deer & raccoons apart from birds like warblers,kinglets,thrushes & wrens.Reptiles and amphibians like western garter snakes, rubber boas & California giant salamanders are a rare sight but slimy bright banana slugs are abundant. Commonly seen are stellars jay, sonoma chipmunks & grey squirrels.

Redwood Creek originates from the slopes of Mt.Tamalpais and bisects the park. It provides the trees and animals with water and supports diverse aquatic creatures. The 560 acre park includes 6 miles of trails both paved & unpaved. Picknicking, camping & pets are not permitted.
The tallest redwood tree is more than 252 ft. and the widest more than 14 ft. Some redwoods are at least 1000 yrs old. Most mature trees are between 500-800 yrs old.
Seen is a cross section of a tree that lived for over a 1000yrs - born 990, saw Columbus set sail in 1492, lived through the declaration of Independence in 1776, witnessed the California Gold Rush in 1849 before finally dying in 1930.
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  1. Muir Woods is on my to-do list, maybe when I take a road trip to San Francisco for the first time. Possibly next year.

    My exploring is mainly in the northern redwoods. You may enjoy photos I assembled on this page:

    Grove of Titans / Atlas Grove

    I hear that Muir Woods has character, and some nice paths for a relaxing visit.

  2. Very old post! But informative! I didn't see any bird here, Ramakrishnan! The drought is affecting this area, I was told! I saw only a small area of the forest. Next time, should plan to roam more inside this forest.

    Thanks for the link.